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    Iconography is a unified visual language that can be understood by people from different locations and cultures. While the project branding is clearly defined, we provide several icon themes in order to blend as best as possible into the various operating systems and desktop environments. The icon themes should nevertheless convey the LibreOffice style clearly and have a consistent look and feel.

    MIME type and application icons

    Icon design
    • should pick up LibreOffice brand colors for the individual modules
      • using green for Writer is not allowed
      • using some random blue for Writer is not allowed
    • should convey the brand symbol with a rectangular form and a donkey ear on top right
      • donkey ear on top-left or at the bottom is not allowed
      • circular or complex shapes are not allowed
    • should be designed to blend into the intended OS/DE
      • monochrome colors are not allowed on macOS
      • non-symmetrical icons are not allowed on Android
    • have to be consistent in color and form for the various sizes
      • in case of Writer, using primary blue for 128px but secondary blue for smaller sizes is not allowed
      • using a folded donkey ear at 128px but a flat design on smaller sizes is not allowed
    • can use symbols to support identification of modules