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    Repository for Sifr sources.

    Work Needed to Complete Sifr

    Note pin.svg

    Cassandra and Yousuf decided that Sifr small icons (sc_) will have 1px borders rather than the original 2px border, because a 2px border on a 16x16px icon makes the icon content not easy to see. Also parts of the icon which should remain white (e.g. a page) will have a white fill behind the outline to ensure that the icon appears well on darker themes.

    Color definitions (Cassandra):

    Dark grey - R:85, B:87, G:83

    Light grey has two different types, transparency and non transparency

    Light grey transparent - R:85, B:87, G:83 but 35% opacity (use this ONLY if absolutely necessary!)

    Light grey with 100% opacity - R:195, B:196, R:194

    Closed backgrounds (outlined) will have a white fill

    Surrounding areas have 100% opacity - no color

    Sifr Meta Bug (tdf#75256) | Cassandra’s Gerrit Commits

    Crucial Work

    List of changes needed to get the icons found in the important toolbars completed, though Sifr falls back on flat monochrome Breeze now.

    Bugs in Patch 48856 & 48259 (mentioned on telegram)* 32px define print area has wrong cell highlighting (supposed to be 3x3) and white border missing around printer at the right and bottom - /sifr/cmd/32/defineprintarea.png

    Work plan for Cassandra (please read details below)

    • New Work for Cassandra
      • Writer
        • Table Toolbar
          • InsertRowsBefore (lc), InsertRowsAfter (lc), InsertColumnsBefore (lc), InsertColumnsAfter (lc)
          • Delete Table (lc_DeleteTable.png) - take lc_inserttable.png and add a small ‘x’ at bottom right like lc_resetattributes.png
          • Select Cell (lc_EntireCell.png) - modify lc_entirerow.png or lc_selecttable.png so only one cell looks like it’s selected
          • Split Cells (lc_SplitCell.png) - splitting version of the merge cells icon lc_mergecells.png
          • Split Table (lc_SplitTable.png) - button and top of a table (lc_inserttable.png), with a split line in the middle similar to page break (lc_insertpagebreak.png)
          • Optimize (lc_OptimizeTable.png) - table icon with a gear or checkmark at the bottom right or gear with a checkmark inside it
          • OcmhqsY.pngPLoRiAW.png
          • Insert Caption (lc_InsertCaptionDialog.png)
          • Protect Cells (lc_Protect.png)
          • Unprotect Cells (lc_UnsetCellsReadOnly.png)
          • Number Format (lc_TableNumberFormatDialog.png)
          • Table Properties (lc_TableDialog.png) - Table icon with wrench at the bottom right
          • AutoFormat Styles (lc_AutoFormat.png) - standard wizard icon that doesn't show anything about tables
          • Standard Number Format (lc_NumberFormatStandard.png) - dollar and percentage signs by themselves or with ‘0.0’ (hidden)
        • Image Toolbar
          • Color (lc_ColorSettings)
          • 90° Rotate (lc_RotateLeft, lc_RotateRight)
          • Transparency (lc_GrafTransparence)
        • Formatting Toolbar
          • Clear direct formatting (lc_resetattributes) - add underline to icon (like tango) to show clearing of both italics and underline
          • Lowercase - lc_changecasetolower.png (hidden)
          • Uppercase - lc_changecasetoupper.png (hidden)
          • Outline Presets (lc_setoutline.png) - breeze and tango are using 1, 1.1 to show this multi-level (hidden)
        • Frame Toolbar
        • Standard Toolbar
        • Track Changes Toolbar
          • Show Track Changes - lc_showtrackedchanges.png
      • Calc
        • Standard Toolbar
          • Thicker and darker borders for 24x24px icons
            • Pivot Table - lc_datadatapilotrun.png
            • Header & Footer - lc_editheaderandfooter.png
          • Define Print Area - lc_defineprintarea.png
          • Freeze Window - lc_freezepanes.png
          • Split Window - lc_splitwindow.png
        • Formatting Toolbar
          • Conditional Formatting Date (cmd/sc_conddateformatdialog.png) - only small version needs to be created for the group button
      • Impress
        • Distribution - cmd/lc_distributeselection.png
        • Image Filter - cmd/lc_graphicfiltertoolbox.png
        • Toggle Modes Tab Bar - cmd/lc_toggletabBarvisibility.png
        • Display Modes - /cmd/lc_displaymode.png and /sd/res/displaymode_*.png
        • Slide Layouts - /sd/res/layout_*.png
    • Missing Icons
      • All Apps
        • Image Filter - the main icon (lc_GraphicFilterToolbox) and the not so important group button toolbar entries (GraphicFilterInvert, GraphicFilterSmooth, GraphicFilterSharpen, GraphicFilterRemoveNoise, GraphicFilterSolarize, GraphicFilterSepia, GraphicFilterPoster, GraphicFilterPopart, GraphicFilterSobel, GraphicFilterRelief, GraphicFilterMosaic)
      • Writer
        • Present in 5.2 Toolbar
        • Present in 5.1 Toolbar
          • Table Toolbar - Select cell (lc_EntireCell), Split table (lc_SplitTable), Protect cells (lc_Protect), Unprotect cells (lc_UnsetCellsReadOnly), Cell Number Format (lc_TableNumberFormatDialog)
        • Present in 5.0 Toolbar
          • Lower and Upper Case - Hidden by default but would be quite useful to users who enable it. (lc_changecasetolower, lc_changecasetoupper)
        • Toolbars
          • Bullet toolbar - insert unnumbered entry (lc_insertneutralparagraph.png), restart numbering (lc_numberingstart.png)
          • Frame Toolbar - Forward One, Back One (parents.txt issue seen also in tango)
          • Image toolbar - color (lc_ColorSettings), rotate (lc_RotateLeft, lc_RotateRight), transparency (lc_GrafTransparence), caption (lc_InsertCaptionDialog)
          • Table toolbar - delete table (DeleteTable), insert row/column (InsertRowsBefore, InsertRowsAfter, InsertColumnsBefore, InsertColumnsAfter), split cell (SplitCell), optimize (OptimizeTable), table properties (TableDialog), Standard Number Format (NumberFormatStandard)
          • Changes toolbar (not very crucial) - all the icons
        • Sidebar
          • Style update and new - lc_StyleNewByExample, lc_StyleUpdateByExample
          • Styles & Formatting Tab - Style buttons: sw/imglst/sf0*.png
          • Navigation Tab - sw/imglst/nc200*.png for the various element types (headings, sections, references, indexes) and sc20*.png buttons in the toolbar (header, footer, anchortext, heading levels shown)
      • Calc
        • Present in 5.0 Toolbars
          • Define Print Area - lc_DefinePrintArea
          • Freeze Window - lc_FreezePanes
          • Split Window - lc_SplitWindow
          • Header & Footer - lc_EditHeaderAndFooter
          • More Conditional Formatting - lc_colorscaleformatdialog, lc_databarformatdialog, lc_iconsetformatdialog
        • AutoFilter - A modified version of this icon will also be used with standard filter and advanced filter (Cassie done) (I’m not happy with this one)
        • Conditional Formatting - (lc_conditionalformatdialog) (Cassie done)
        • Number Formats - Standard (NumberFormatStandard) and Scientific (NumberFormatScientific)
      • Impress
        • Present in 5.1 Toolbar
          • Toggle Modes Tab Bar - lc_ToggleTabBarVisibility
          • Display Modes - /cmd/lc_displaymode.png and /sd/res/displaymode_*.png
      • Draw
        • Distribution - lc_DistributeSelection
      • Missing Small Icons
        • Insert Formula - sc_insertobjectstarmath
      • Start Center (not as crucial)
        • Open and templates icons - found in /framework/res/
        • App icons - found in /res/od*_48_8.png (git), libreoffice.svg (github)
        • No thumbnail preview icons - found in /res/*128.png
    • Icons to Fix
      • Fixing will happen later after the 5.0 release - goal number one is all icons in the panel are flat ;-) (Cassie)
      • All Apps
        • Change to 1px borders
          • Insert Image
          • Flip Vertical and Horizontal - (lc_FlipVertical, lc_FlipHorizontal
        • Shapes
          • Shapes needing thicker lines as its not just the outline/stroke that is being drawn - Block Arc (BasicShapes.block-arc), Frame (BasicShapes.frame), Ring (BasicShapes.ring)
      • Writer
        • Both
          • Table AutoFormat Style (lc_autoformat) - should be a table with the wizard icon that current is there, or something that symbolizes styling, possibly a paintbrush or flower to symbolize beautification.
        • Large
          • Format Painter - The brush handle in the large icon needs to be thicker similar to the small icon
        • Small
          • Insert Footnote - The small icon looks out of place with such tiny ‘ab’ and maybe it would be best to change it to look like the superscript icon with a ‘1’ in place of the the ‘b’
      • Calc
        • Format as Date - Small icon needs thicker border, like I added to the large icon (done)
        • Insert Chart - Spacing between halves can be better (lc_drawchart and its duplicate lc_insertobjectchart) - tdf#83014
      • Impress
        • Slide / Slide Master - Would be better if it was 22px in width rather than just 19 (InsertPage, DuplicatePage, DeletePage, SlideMasterPage, InsertMasterPage, DeleteMasterPage)
        • Shadow - The box should be larger and the shadow should be 3px away (lc_FillShadow)
    • Icons to Redraw
      • Writer
      • Calc
      • Impress
        • Slide Master icons - I took the existing slide icons with + and - in them to create the needed slide master icons (InsertMasterPage, DeleteMasterPage)
    • Links
      • cmd/lc_arrowstoolbox.png cmd/lc_linearrowend.png (problem due to inheritance problem)

    Issues with Recent Changes

    • Not sure if the new Find & Replace icon is better than the old one, as the magnifying glass isnt fully shown. Maybe try one of the following metaphors
    uUFfxrB.gif 6hNypol.png E1aUvAt.png LCLCiUZ.gif