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    • Date/Time: 2012-05-26, 1600 UTC (the time below is 2 hours ahead of UTC)
    • Location: IRC, channel #libreoffice-design



    18:08:00 astron247: hi...
    18:08:05 alexander: hi
    18:08:33 astron247: okay, shall we start then?
    18:09:20 alexander: astron: I think so
    18:09:42 astron247: okay, so mirek helpfully set the topics...
    18:09:54 alexander: Some of them
    18:10:01 alexander: Do you want to start with the progress on the Gnome icons?
    18:10:03 astron247: yeah... some
    18:10:08astron247: okay, as to that...
    18:10:23 astron247: i honestly didn't do so much till now.
    18:10:55 astron247: im currently prepping something but i havent coordinated with lapo at all
    18:11:02 astron247: sorry
    18:11:02 alexander: ah, ok
    18:11:23 alexander: Do you think they could still make it into 3.6?
    18:11:26 astron247: yes.
    18:11:30 alexander: good
    18:11:37 astron247: since, we dont even have a bety out yet
    18:11:41 astron247: -y+a
    18:12:04 astron247: ... it should be possible, if lapo etc stay cooperative
    18:12:04 alexander: alright
    18:12:30 alexander: He seemed to be pretty positive about it
    18:12:43 astron247: but ... well have to see how much it looks like "one theme" instead of three themes (industrial + tango old +tango new)
    18:13:23 astron247: right, but the problem i have is that we never hear back from jakub (who seems to do about half the work)
    18:13:27 alexander: I think tango old and new mix quite well and we'd have some inconsistency anyways
    18:13:39 astron247: and then we'll also have to contact hylke and andreas
    18:14:01 alexander: Jakub Steiner?
    18:14:04 astron247: yes
    18:14:18 astron247: rather: ill have to contact them
    18:14:24 alexander: ok
    18:15:01 alexander: He's on G+, maybe I could poke him, too?
    18:15:21 astron247: hm okay. lets try later.
    18:15:28 alexander: yes
    18:15:37 alexander: Tentative Designs?
    18:15:50 astron247: at the end of the chat session ill send you a zip of the icons so far
    18:16:09 alexander: old tango or new ones?
    18:16:17 astron247: new ones only
    18:16:21 alexander: cool
    18:16:48 astron247: if youve got a nightly build you can stick them in pretty easily, ill tell later (need to announce on the list, too, because it makes making themes much easier
    18:16:49 astron247: )
    18:17:50 astron247: okay... tentative designs, it is
    18:18:58 astron247: android remote?
    18:19:09 alexander: Sure
    18:19:34 alexander: We should get in contact with the GSoC students
    18:19:55 astron247: is mirek doing that or are you?
    18:20:39 alexander: I used Mireks design as a basis for the tentative design and he worked on it afterwards
    18:21:32 astron247: i meant getting in contact?
    18:21:39 alexander: We'd need to know how many connections will be stored, anything else is clear, I think
    18:21:47 alexander: ah, sry
    18:22:32 alexander: AFAIK Mirek talked to him at the beginning, but I can't find his email address
    18:23:10 alexander: Maybe it's easier if I simply mail the mentor
    18:23:28astron247: the intern is andrzej, right?
    18:23:39 alexander: I think so
    18:24:41 astron247: gmail tells me its [redacted]
    18:25:37 astron247: yup
    18:26:39 alexander: Ah, just browsed my mail  and apparently Mirek mailed him yesterday
    18:26:46 astron247: ok cool
    18:28:20 astron247: one thing i wondered was: can you only connect from the phone or can you also initiate the connexion with the pc?
    18:28:53 alexander: hm
    18:30:07 alexander: You need to start Impress anyways, right? What about that 'server' that probably listens to signals over BT WLAN
    18:30:51 astron247: youll need to start impress so far in understand ...
    18:30:53 alexander: Is that automatically running if one starts Impress?
    18:31:00 astron247: can you explain the rest?
    18:31:24 astron247: yes, the thing that initiates the connexion should be there always
    18:31:35 astron247: only sometimes bt/wifi will be turned off
    18:31:46 astron247: (on a hardware level)
    18:32:45 alexander: So as the next step one would select a mobile device thats reachable via WLAN/ BT on the desktop and enter the PIN that has been generated on the phone
    18:33:27 alexander: I think it would makes things even more complicated if it also worked the other way around ... somehow
    18:33:33 astron247: ah okay, i thought that part happened inside libo – the way you described makes more sense of course
    18:34:13 astron247: oh wait ... by "on the desktop" did you mean within libo?
    18:34:30 alexander: Yes
    18:35:02 alexander: That doesn't mean that a connection has been established, though
    18:36:49 alexander: Are there still issues regarding that behaviour?
    18:36:58 astron247: okay... can walk me through making a connection step by step..? (sorry for being so dumb)
    18:37:23 alexander: I hope I understood it correctly
    18:37:55 alexander: 1) You start LibreOffice Impress on the desktop and have a phone with active WLAN or BT
    18:38:47 alexander: 2) Within Impress one can open a dialogue listing all devices that are available via BT, WLAN
    18:39:26 alexander: (I think so at least. Maybe only ophones that a re broadcasting 'I'm an impress remote')
    18:39:38 alexander: -o +are
    18:40:08 alexander: 3) You generate a random PIN on your phone and enter it on the desktop
    18:40:18 alexander: 4) Connection established
    18:40:21 astron247: okay.
    18:40:30 alexander: Does that make sense?
    18:40:35 astron247: so far yes
    18:40:58 alexander: But then one wouldn't need to select a computer on the phone...
    18:41:02 astron247: but ... you cant go into the remote app on your phone and connect to a pc with impress running?
    18:41:44 astron247: @18:40:58: well, the computer is asking for a connection to be established so, no need to
    18:43:27 alexander: so we could drop that option from the Android app?
    18:44:28 alexander: And drop having a list of 'recent connections', too
    18:45:32 astron247: about dropping the option: not necessarily. if you could initiate the connection with your phone it would still make sense
    18:46:36 alexander: What would 'initiate' mean?
    18:48:01 astron247: #1 have impress open on pc
    #2 start impress remote on phone
    #3 choose the pc on the phone
    #4 let pc show pin, enter it on the phone
    18:48:45 astron247: specifically step 3
    18:48:48 alexander: Ah, so the same as before, just the other way around
    18:49:43 astron247: right
    18:49:57 astron247: to me this also seems more natural
    18:50:12 astron247: somehow
    18:50:43 alexander: Or have both options
    18:51:08 astron247: right, thats what i wanted
    18:51:23 alexander: Yes, I'll add it to the wiki
    18:51:40 astron247: even if i (personally) might prefer initiating it from the phone
    18:51:58 alexander: What about a 'history'?
    18:52:12 alexander: Not needed, or what do you think?
    18:53:24 astron247: i think for frequent speakers a history is a good idea
    18:53:36 astron247: and thats probably the target audience
    18:54:09 alexander: Again, on both PC and handheld device?
    18:54:30 astron247: ah... likely only on the phone
    18:54:54 astron247: ... but then, why not on both
    18:55:12 alexander: So that it will simply try to connect to the PC with the same hostname/IP whatever with the PIN that was used the last time one connected to that PC?
    18:55:32 alexander: and the other way around
    18:56:32 astron247: yes, though if it was forcefully disconnected, then it should require a pin again
    18:57:02 alexander: You mean disconnected via the modal bar?
    18:57:03 astron247: by forcefully i mean "explicitly" disconnected as opposed to only wifi/bt being turned off at some time
    18:57:06 astron247: yes
    18:57:09 astron247: effectively
    18:57:10 alexander: ok
    18:58:47 alexander: >LibreOffice Android UI
    18:59:25 astron247: okay
    18:59:35 alexander: The tentative design for the actual viewer needs to be crafted, right now we only have one for the file manager
    18:59:57 alexander: I'd be good to know what the studend will work on first
    19:00:46 astron247: hm sure
    19:01:01 astron247: you mean which types of document?
    19:01:21 astron247: also, didnt we discuss some viewer stuff last week?
    19:01:39 alexander: Writer, Impress and Calc
    19:01:42 alexander: yes
    19:02:25 alexander: but I think no one volunteered for a tentative design
    19:02:35 alexander: or we simply overlooked it
    19:02:53 astron247: ah ok.
    19:03:24 astron247: ill say that i dont really want to do android design stuff, simply because i dont know the platform so well
    19:04:06 alexander: agree, let's just ask on the mailing list
    19:04:44 astron247: but mirek did start on it right? and andrew had some improvement ideas?
    19:05:09 alexander: yes
    19:06:37 astron247: okay.
    19:07:41 alexander: I guess we're done with the urgent stuff now
    19:08:33 alexander: I'm having some questions regarding the new master slides, though
    19:08:45 astron247: oh wait, another impress remote thing
    19:08:50 alexander: Yes?
    19:09:12 astron247: in the third mockup (the ubuntu windows)
    19:09:22 astron247: why are there no buttons on the bottom?
    19:09:42 astron247: at least a close button should be there
    19:09:54 alexander: agree
    19:10:04 alexander: 'Connect' Should be at the bottom, too
    19:10:55 astron247: so thats mireks doing then?
    19:11:05 alexander: He's got the latest SVG
    19:11:19 alexander: So yes
    19:11:31 alexander: or I ask him for the file
    19:12:16 astron247: okay
    19:14:14 alexander: When I rotate a text box of a master slide, that rotation gets lost when applying the master slide, does that happen on your install, too?
    19:16:39 astron247: for text that can be changed later on: yes
    19:16:47 astron247: for text that cant: no
    19:17:01 astron247: (im using a current master – yesterday or so)
    19:17:50 alexander: hm
    19:17:58 alexander: Maybe I should try the master
    alexander: Alright, should I make use of that new 16:9 page ratio instead of using xrandr and copy my screen size?19:19:22
    [Some slightly off-topic stuff about new slide ratios in 3.6]
    19:28:38 alexander: What would we need to do in order to get new 'open source' fonts into LibO?
    19:29:42 astron247: oh, i have no idea... except, you and me can push stuff, so we should be able to do it on our own basically
    19:29:59 astron247: we might happen upon some animosity from the devs though
    19:30:39 alexander: Is it as easy as simply copying the font in the correct folder, adding it to the licensing info and pushing it?
    19:31:03 astron247: i guess but dont nail me on that
    19:31:08 alexander: Rather ask on the dev mailing list?
    [Lots of off-topic stuff about Git/building...]
    19:52:49 alexander: Thanks for the help, do we need to discuss anything else?
    19:53:16 astron247: ah ... one thing:
    19:54:02 astron247: you might have noticed that some symphony parts are going to be opensourced
    19:54:48 astron247: michael meeks has the (somewhat ambitious) plan to get that stuff shipping within 3.6 (at least as experimental features)
    19:55:17 astron247: you can try how well these features are integrated into openoffice 3.4+
    19:56:19 astron247: the builds are at:
    19:56:46 astron247: you might want to download a windows build and run it under wine because the linux builds apparently crash
    19:57:27 alexander: ok
    19:57:43 alexander: when is feature freeze? IN two weeks?
    19:57:57 astron247: dunno tbh...
    19:59:53 astron247: but yes, its close
    20:00:22 alexander: I'll do so
    20:01:03 alexander: willl that code be licensed as LGPL3+/MPL etc. within LibreOffice?
    20:01:17 astron247: it will be under al2
    20:03:37 astron247: as for the icons...
    20:04:37 astron247: do you have a master build?
    20:04:50 astron247: (downloaded/installed)
    20:05:38 alexander: downloaded and installed, but I need to reinstall the desktop integration
    20:06:13 alexander: I think an older version is still installed, so I'll ned to fix that first
    20:06:25 alexander: or do you know the CLI commands?
    20:07:20 astron247: dpkg -i *, you mean?
    20:08:19 alexander: no, to run the dev build
    20:08:56 alexander: I'm just having dinner, though. Should we end the meeting?
    20:08:58 astron247: oh, it should be in /opt/lo-dev/program/soffice
    20:09:04 alexander: ah ok
    20:09:05 alexander: thx
    20:10:20 astron247: okay... once you get a build from the last two weeks, you can just decompress the tar.bz2 into (pathtolodev)/share/config/images_tango
    20:10:48 astron247: and yes, we can leave it at that. ill upload the log.
    20:12:53 astron247: well then bye... i guess.