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  • Date/Time: 2012-06-16, 1600 UTC (the time below is 2 hours ahead of UTC)
  • Location: IRC, channel #libreoffice-design




  • Ask Michael for a CC0 license statement.
  • Tell the authors of progress, metropolis, clean inspiration, lush green, sunset, typography red, glibo, and bright blue to sign the license statement.


[18:00] <mirek2> hi astron
[18:00] <astron247> hui
[18:01] <astron247> (both will and mirek)
[18:01] <mirek2> non-update from the ESC call: michael hasn't contacted the Gnome authors yet; it's on his to-do list for this week, though
[18:02] <astron247> okay, thanks
[18:02] <astron247> but, anyway, we can forget about the icons then, right?
[18:02] <astron247> (for 3.6, i mean)
[18:02] == alexander_ [] has joined #libreoffice-design
[18:02] <astron247> hi alex
[18:02] <mirek2> I guess
[18:02] <mirek2> hi alex
[18:02] <alexander_> hi everyone
[18:03] <mirek2> any progress on templates?
[18:03] <mirek2> (I haven't checked yet)
[18:03] <alexander_> Yeah, in most cases the size does shrink, I can give some examples
[18:04] <alexander_> Metropolis: 37 kB instead of 1,3 MB
[18:04] <astron247> can you send something round already or are they in git already?
[18:04] <mirek2> great
[18:04] <astron247> (and yes, great!)
[18:05] <alexander_> LushGreen: 83 Kb, now 85
[18:05] <alexander_> I guess the many gradients make it that big
[18:06] <alexander_> e.g. Hexagons was 600 kB, now 18 MB :/
[18:06] <astron247> hm, but as long as its under 100 kb its not too terrible
[18:06] <alexander_> so there the png would definitely be preferable
[18:06] <astron247> what happened with hexagons?
[18:06] <alexander_> it cantains several 100 000 polygons
[18:06] <mirek2> yes, a png would be preferrable with hexagons
[18:07] <astron247> alex, you could tile small hexagon pngs and then put a gradient on top of it, i guess – that would have the advantage of beinf able to scale better
[18:08] <alexander_> when the ratio of a slide changes?
[18:08] <astron247> for instance
[18:09] <alexander_> But then the png would be resized, too, I think
[18:10] <astron247> dont know...
[18:10] <alexander_> I can try it
[18:11] <astron247> cool... otherwise just stick to the current stuff
[18:11] <astron247> have you already renamed cubalibre?
[18:12] <alexander_> I think I'll need to talk to Bjoern regarding this since the name must also be changed in several other places
[18:13] <astron247> ah okay, do you have something in mind?
[18:13] <alexander_> Do you have an idea what would be appropriate
[18:13] <alexander_> Caribbean?
[18:14] <alexander_> Caribean Sunset maybe?
[18:14] <astron247> i think i am pro idea 2.
[18:14] <astron247> oh, wait, ... no it still starts with c, making it the first in the list
[18:15] <astron247> – therefore default which petr didnt want because of the tilted fonts
[18:15] <astron247> uhm maybe sunset in the carribean?
[18:15] <astron247> then
[18:16] <mirek2> that's a bit too long
[18:16] <alexander_> agree
[18:16] <alexander_> whats 'südsee' in english?
[18:16] <astron247> South Seas according to leo
[18:17] <astron247> Photo Sunset?
[18:18] <mirek2> just Sunset?
[18:18] <astron247> i guess...
[18:18] <alexander_> alright, Sunset it is
[18:19] <astron247> okay. any more templates stuff?
[18:20] <mirek2> there was that problem with Russian localization
[18:20] <mirek2> the devs seem to have took it upon themselves to fix
[18:20] <mirek2> not sure whether there's been any progress in that area made since thursday...
[18:21] <alexander_> I guess the text language would need to be set as EN instead of DE or something
[18:21] <astron247> right. there were two proposed solutions, one was that alex set everything to en-US, the other was caolans script
[18:22] <mirek2> does setting the language to EN solve all the problems?
[18:22] <astron247> afaik, even the devs have no idea if it does anything at all. its a try and error thing
[18:23] <mirek2> :)
[18:24] <mirek2> in any case, consult Caolan before we have the final template selection
[18:25] <astron247> okay.
[18:25] <astron247> (well, i wont do it, i guess)
[18:25] <alexander_> OK
[18:25] <mirek2> do we want to vote on the templates at ?
[18:26] <astron247> among us four?
[18:26] <mirek2> perhaps...
[18:27] <mirek2> theoretically, we could leave Alex's templates for 3.6 and focus on templates for 3.7
[18:27] <astron247> okay, proposal: everyone can split up 10 points between all of the icons?
[18:28] <mirek2> how about selecting based on size, generalness, and usability first?
[18:29] <mirek2> for example, I doubt GLibo would suit many users as it is
[18:29] <mirek2> I'm not sure how three notes would be useful for serious presentations
[18:30] <mirek2> etc.
[18:31] <alexander_> Astron, do you know how other templates for e.g. Writer or Calc would be handled?
[18:32] <alexander_> regarding the inclusion into LO
[18:32] <mirek2> I don't think they'll be included for 3.6
[18:32] <mirek2> maybe once the new template picker comes
[18:32] <mirek2> that's just maybe
[18:33] <astron247> (letter wizard etc)
[18:33] <astron247> no, they wont
[18:33] <alexander_> of course not
[18:33] <astron247> (if thats what you mean)
[18:33] <alexander_> I'm not sure who it was, but someone on the mailing list said that those won't be bundled
[18:33] <alexander_> rather be available as 'DLC'
[18:33] <astron247> =downloadable content?
[18:33] <alexander_> yes
[18:33] <astron247> okay
[18:34] <mirek2> should we go through the templates at
[18:34] <mirek2> have a vote among us for each template, based on usability and generalness of template
[18:35] <mirek2> then choose between the ones that we unanimously vote for
[18:35] <alexander_> okay
[18:35] <astron247> cant we just lay down the criteria and then split up the ten points as i porposed?
[18:35] <alexander_> which 10 points?
[18:36] <astron247> well, everybody gets ten points and can split them up, we then take the ones with most points
[18:36] <astron247> overal
[18:36] <astron247> l
[18:36] <mirek2> discussing each template might find problems with each
[18:36] <mirek2> would result in a more educated vote
[18:37] <astron247> okay.
[18:37] <astron247> blueprint plans...
[18:37] <mirek2> yes
[18:37] <mirek2> it has several masterpages
[18:37] <astron247> * a bit busy for my taste
[18:37] <alexander_> I like the content slide
[18:37] <mirek2> yes
[18:38] <mirek2> let's judge it from a technical viewpoint first
[18:38] <mirek2> alex, I remember you said something about not being able to ship templates with multiple masters
[18:38] <mirek2> is that right?
[18:38] <alexander_> That was AOO
[18:38] <mirek2> oh, okay
[18:39] <mirek2> it has 260 kb, which is passable
[18:39] <alexander_> I'd be cool if LO could integrate that functionality, but atm we're looking for single masterpages, I guess
[18:40] <mirek2> ok
[18:40] <mirek2> so just the content masterpage here
[18:40] <alexander_> yes
[18:40] <mirek2> it's not so bad
[18:40] <mirek2> I don't think it's that busy
[18:40] <astron247> okay
[18:40] <astron247> no, the title slide is a bit busy though
[18:40] <mirek2> though I do prefer minimalistic templates
[18:40] <alexander_> I personally would go for a more vibrant blue
[18:41] <mirek2> would we ship the title slide, then?
[18:41] <alexander_> Probably not
[18:41] <mirek2> ok
[18:42] <mirek2> otherwise, it's usable, so it's certainly eligible for voting
[18:42] <mirek2> let's leave that for until we go through all the slides
[18:42] <astron247> okay
[18:42] <mirek2> next up: bright blue
[18:42] <mirek2> how large is the file alex?
[18:42] <alexander_> Should the puzzle piece stay?
[18:43] <alexander_> one sec
[18:43] <mirek2> to be honest, I think I prefer it without the puzzle piece
[18:43] <alexander_> 22 kB
[18:43] <mirek2> oh, cool
[18:44] <mirek2> and it uses liberation sans, I guess
[18:44] <mirek2> by defaul
[18:44] <mirek2> t
[18:44] <astron247> i personally don't like arrangement behind the slide headline much ... it's so asymmetric
[18:45] <astron247> about the puzzle piece, ive no opinion
[18:46] <mirek2> alex, thoughts?
[18:46] <alexander_> I think the assymetry attracts the view a bit, IIRC
[18:47] <alexander_> But I agree, the puzzle piece is pretty generic and not really needed
[18:47] <mirek2> I'm fine with the asymetry myself, but wouldn't mind if the blue bar stretched across the whole page either
[18:48] <astron247> hm,,, my problem is actually that there is such a large blue margin between the border and the start of the text
[18:48] <astron247> ie. |      Headline
[18:48] <mirek2> so start the blue rectangle some pixels in?
[18:48] <mirek2> or move the text more to the left?
[18:49] <astron247> the first one
[18:49] <mirek2> alex, would that be possible?
[18:49] <astron247> alex, can you try maybe if that makes it better or worse?
[18:49] <alexander_> Moving the headline text box more to the leaft?
[18:49] <alexander_> ah, no
[18:50] <astron247> no, make the blue rectangle shorter
[18:50] <mirek2> no, move the blue rectangle more to the right
[18:52] <alexander_>
[18:53] <alexander_> Like this? Or should the margin at the left and the top be the same?
[18:54] <astron247> left and top same sounds good
[18:56] <alexander_> Alright
[18:56] <alexander_> next one?
[18:56] <mirek2> sure
[18:56] <astron247> clean inspiration: i like
[18:57] <mirek2> there might be a problem with some layouts
[18:57] <alexander_> why?
[18:58] <mirek2> since the template puts rectangles where the title should be
[18:58] <mirek2> as I understand it, all layouts will use the same master: is that correct?
[18:58] <alexander_> yes
[18:59] <mirek2> theoretically, that could rule out all the templates that put the title in a special rectangle
[18:59] <mirek2> since they don't work with the centered title layout
[18:59] <astron247> ...?
[19:00] <alexander_> Title only, you mean?
[19:00] <astron247> this is one has two slides, the second one should be good
[19:00] <alexander_> yes, the second one is alright
[19:00] <mirek2> @alex: title + subtitle, yes
[19:01] <alexander_> We'll probably only include masterpages that can be used with any layout
[19:02] <mirek2> but that will rule out all the ones that have a rectangle behind the title
[19:02] <mirek2> including Bright blue
[19:02] <mirek2> unless I misunderstand
[19:03] <alexander_> If such arectangle is at the top the slide can still be used to display content
[19:05] <alexander_> 'Centered text woul be the only layout that wouldn't look good
[19:05] <mirek2> yes, that's what I mean
[19:05] <alexander_> ah
[19:05] <mirek2> I guess that's not a big issue, though...
[19:05] <astron247> no, hopefully not.
[19:06] <mirek2> I originally thought there were more
[19:06] <alexander_> I don't know how often that's being used, but the odds are 1 : 11
[19:06] <mirek2> :)
[19:06] <mirek2> right
[19:06] <mirek2> alright, clean inspiration seems good, I guess
[19:06] <mirek2> move on?
[19:06] <alexander_> yes
[19:06] <mirek2> Cfull
[19:07] <mirek2> I like its simplicity and generality
[19:07] <astron247> looks like a windows logo
[19:07] <mirek2> though I don't think it looks that good design-wise
[19:07] <astron247> (with its corners)
[19:07] <mirek2> yeah, I suppose it does a bit
[19:08] <mirek2> usability-wise, there's nothing wrong with it
[19:08] <mirek2> cubalibre?
[19:08] <mirek2> I mean, Sunset
[19:08] <astron247> i am not the biggest fan, but its okay
[19:08] <alexander_> Yes, it looks a bit like the old ones
[19:08] <astron247> that was @cfull
[19:09] <mirek2> DNA?
[19:09] <mirek2> too specific imho
[19:09] <astron247> okay, so no more comments cuba libre wished?
[19:09] <mirek2> more suited for the repository
[19:09] <alexander_> which one?
[19:10] <mirek2> the latter
[19:10] <mirek2> cubalibre is fine if it loses the glass
[19:11] <alexander_> I would need to remove the bitmaps, though
[19:11] <astron247> whats wrong with the glass?
[19:11] <mirek2> it doesn't really make sense with "sunset"
[19:11] <mirek2> and it's not generic
[19:11] <mirek2> and it's just an unnecessary element
[19:11] <alexander_> It was supposed to resemble a Cuba Libre drink :)
[19:11] <mirek2> yeah, of course
[19:11] <astron247> i still think it does make sense
[19:11] <mirek2> for Sunset?
[19:12] <astron247> yes, to evoke the feeling of sitting at a beach bar
[19:12] <mirek2> how?
[19:12] <mirek2> but a sunset has little to do with a beach bar?
[19:12] <mirek2> you can see a sunset in the mountains
[19:12] <mirek2> or anywhere in the world, really
[19:12] <astron247> but the thing is rather tropically themed anyway
[19:13] <mirek2> sure
[19:13] <mirek2> still, I see it more as unnecessary clipart
[19:13] <mirek2> and it would be inappropriate for many presentations
[19:13] <astron247> okay, so remove the stain and the glass
[19:14] <mirek2> yes, that'd be ideal
[19:14] <alexander_> That nice stain :)
[19:14] <astron247> also, alex, can you maybe rotatet the photos, so text is "straight" not
[19:14] <astron247> like it is now?
[19:14] <alexander_> Should I remove the textures, too?
[19:14] <alexander_> Yes
[19:15] <astron247> i think you should keep everything else now
[19:15] <mirek2> yes
[19:15] <mirek2> I'd remove the textures
[19:15] <mirek2> since they're not even that noticeable
[19:15] <mirek2> and just add to the filesize
[19:15] <alexander_> They add to the 'athmosphere', I don't know whether it'll look that good without them
[19:15] <mirek2> could you try it?
[19:16] <alexander_> yes
[19:16] <alexander_> 1,2 MB currently
[19:16] <mirek2> with textures?
[19:18] <mirek2> alex?
[19:21] == alexander__ [] has joined #libreoffice-design
[19:21] <alexander__> sorry, my laptop overheted
[19:21] == alexander_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[19:22] <astron247> oh ... not so cool
[19:22] <alexander__> indeed
[19:22] <alexander__> @mirek: Yes, with textures
[19:22] <alexander__> but exported to png
[19:23] <mirek2> could you see what it is without the textures?
[19:23] <mirek2> and with SVG rather than PNG, if possible?
[19:24] <astron247> uhm ... if i can ask what do you want to get rid of exactly, mirek?
[19:24] <astron247> then sunset? the brown background?
[19:24] <astron247> -n
[19:24] <mirek2> alex said he used a texture
[19:25] <mirek2> I assume that's on the brown background
[19:25] <mirek2> it could easily be a single color or a gradient
[19:25] <alexander__> I also used it for the 'photographs', to add some noise
[19:26] <mirek2> i don't think it's needed
[19:27] <astron247> id like to see it with and without
[19:28] <mirek2> me too
[19:28] <mirek2> :)
[19:32] <astron247> okay... next template?
[19:32] <astron247> DNA
[19:32] <mirek2> alex, are you working on getting it without the patterns?
[19:33] <alexander__>
[19:33] <alexander__> hm, the noise would need to be removed
[19:33] <mirek2> yes
[19:34] <mirek2> you changed the template quite a bit
[19:34] <mirek2> since
[19:35] <alexander__> rather without the red  rectangle?
[19:35] <astron247> personally, yes
[19:35] <mirek2> I don't mind it, but it needs to lose the noise
[19:36] <astron247> and please try to get the orange photo centred
[19:36] <alexander__> the yellow one was a bit transparent and the red one was just behind it, adding some pixel noise
[19:37] <astron247> ah ok
[19:39] <mirek2> I like it without the patterns and without the pixel noise
[19:39] <alexander__> uploaded a new version
[19:39] <mirek2> where?
[19:40] <mirek2> link doesn't work anymore
[19:40] <alexander__>
[19:41] <astron247> i think i like it
[19:41] <alexander__> is that ok?
[19:42] <mirek2> I prefer the former sun representation
[19:42] <mirek2> i.e. no circle silhouette
[19:42] <mirek2> also, the shadow in the back looks off
[19:42] <alexander__> I'll need to clip those stripes then
[19:42] <mirek2> at the top
[19:42] <astron247> okay... then DNA
[19:42] <alexander__> yes
[19:43] <astron247> i actually like it.
[19:43] <astron247> religious zealots might not like it ... dunno if we care
[19:43] <mirek2> otherwise, Sunset is fine
[19:43] <alexander__> I not too generic, but I hope we could include it anyways
[19:44] <mirek2> I also think it's not very generic
[19:44] <mirek2> I'd prefer to have it online, but not bundled
[19:44] <alexander__> well, the text would be removed of course
[19:45] <alexander__> I don't know whether a DNA molecule is that offending
[19:45] <mirek2> of course, but the presentations would have to have a microbiology-related topic for the template to be relevant
[19:45] <mirek2> I don't think a DNA molecule would offend anyone
[19:45] <astron247> no, not really helices can ome up elsewhere too
[19:45] <astron247> +c
[19:46] <mirek2> still, the field of topics is very limited
[19:46] <mirek2> anyway, to firered?
[19:47] <astron247> not very interesting – very generic, but zero appeal
[19:47] <mirek2> I agree that it's not the best visually
[19:47] <mirek2> but at least it's generic
[19:48] <alexander__> yeah, it doesn't even have some minimalistic feel
[19:48] <mirek2> I agree
[19:48] <astron247> okay, tentative no.
[19:48] <astron247> glibo
[19:48] <alexander__> the icon would need to be removed
[19:49] <mirek2> I'd still include it in the vote
[19:49] <mirek2> firered, that is
[19:49] <astron247>  can basically only be used for libo themed stuff – not very useful
[19:49] <mirek2> I agree
[19:49] <mirek2> but it's not bad if you remove the bottom line
[19:49] <mirek2> (logo + pattern)
[19:49] <mirek2> which leaves only green text
[19:50] <mirek2> and header
[19:50] <mirek2> and it actually looks pretty good
[19:50] <mirek2> hold on -- if we use the second slide only, then it's find
[19:50] <mirek2> fine, not find
[19:51] <mirek2> sorry, I was basing my opínions only on the preview
[19:51] <mirek2> any other opinions?
[19:51] <astron247> okay, second slide seems fine to me
[19:52] <mirek2> alex?
[19:52] <alexander__> yeah, it's alright
[19:53] <mirek2> on to hexagons
[19:53] <alexander__> pretty generic
[19:53] <mirek2> yes, I agree
[19:53] <mirek2> for me, it's just too big a file
[19:53] <mirek2> it'd be great if you could tile the hexagons
[19:53] <mirek2> not sure how that works within Impress
[19:54] <mirek2> rather, not sure if it works
[19:54] <astron247> @mirek: yes, you can tile a background image
[19:54] <alexander__> why not keep it the png background?
[19:54] <astron247> 600 kb is still a bit large
[19:55] <mirek2> I agree
[19:55] <astron247> and it doesn't scale too well
[19:55] <mirek2> and not scalable enough
[19:55] <mirek2> exactly
[19:55] <alexander__> I'll have a look at tiling, then
[19:56] <mirek2> alright
[19:56] <mirek2> can we move to lush green for now?
[19:56] <alexander__> yes
[19:57] <mirek2> I like it
[19:57] <mirek2> is it in SVG?
[19:58] <alexander__> yes have a svg version
[19:58] <alexander__> its of the same size
[19:58] <mirek2> alright, let's use it then
[19:58] <mirek2> since it's scalable
[19:59] <mirek2> astron, thoughts?
[19:59] <astron247> its alright
[20:00] <astron247> although i wonder if the centre line will interfere with content
[20:00] <mirek2> I'd hope we use the second masterpage
[20:00] <mirek2> without the overlaid rectangle
[20:01] <alexander__> that's not the one being used
[20:01] <mirek2> really? why not?
[20:01] <alexander__> I had several variations, one with the green bar in the center, one with that gray border, one without the border and one with quotation signs
[20:02] <mirek2> I prefer the one without the border
[20:02] <mirek2> it's the one that works for most layouts
[20:02] <alexander__> That's the one in the repo
[20:02] <alexander__> agree
[20:02] <mirek2> oh, that's what I meant by the second one
[20:02] <mirek2> move on to Metropolis?
[20:03] <astron247> okay
[20:03] <astron247> this one likely wont work w/o the font
[20:03] <mirek2> alex, could you post what the new version looks like?
[20:03] <mirek2> with liberation sans?
[20:03] <mirek2> I'd say it would work without the fonts
[20:03] <alexander__>
[20:04] <alexander__> wait, that was without text
[20:04] <alexander__> but the svg version
[20:04] <mirek2> I really like it
[20:04] <mirek2> could the border be pattern-less?
[20:04] <mirek2> it feels dirty
[20:05] <alexander__>
[20:05] == mirek2_ [d5dcf47d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #libreoffice-design
[20:05] == mirek2_ [d5dcf47d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:05] <mirek2> nice
[20:05] <mirek2> the border feels pixelated, imho
[20:05] <astron247> its still okay...
[20:06] <alexander__> it's an svg effect, I can remove it though
[20:06] <mirek2> please do :)
[20:06] <astron247> right, the border doesn't really fit into the slides
[20:06] <astron247> (as everything else ist flat)
[20:07] <alexander__> the border in general or the the fact that it's pixelated?
[20:07] <mirek2> the latter, at least for me
[20:07] <astron247> +1 to mirek
[20:09] <mirek2> alex, would you be willing to edit that?
[20:09] <alexander__>
[20:09] <alexander__> yes
[20:09] <astron247> better, thanks!
[20:09] <mirek2> great!
[20:09] <mirek2> onto Papersheet?
[20:10] <alexander__> okay
[20:10] <mirek2> I like its simplicity
[20:10] <alexander__> yeah it look good
[20:10] <alexander__> *s
[20:11] <mirek2> astron?
[20:11] <astron247> the huge gray frame looks like a bit of a waste of space
[20:11] <astron247> the font is *§%+#
[20:11] <astron247> but, since we have liberation anyway...
[20:12] <alexander__> perhaps the torn paper could look more realistic?
[20:12] <mirek2> it's not torn
[20:13] <astron247> do you mean the dog ear?
[20:13] <mirek2> I like it how it is, to be honest
[20:13] <mirek2> frankly, I'd like to get rid of the dog ear if we do choose this one
[20:13] <astron247> uh ... that makes it just a white sheet on blacj,,=
[20:14] <astron247> ... black..?
[20:14] <alexander__> ah, yes
[20:14] <mirek2> gray
[20:14] <mirek2> yes
[20:14] <mirek2> on to portfolio?
[20:15] <astron247> wait no ... let me say that i dont like the idea of removing the dog ear
[20:16] <mirek2> alright
[20:16] <mirek2> if it gets chosen, then I'll be fine with the dog ear
[20:16] <mirek2> but I probably won't vote for it
[20:17] <mirek2> on to portfolio?
[20:17] <astron247> yes
[20:17] <alexander__> ok
[20:17] <alexander__> I really like it
[20:17] <astron247> i dont really like the background and Raleway is imho not a very attractive font
[20:18] <astron247> (its ok)
[20:18] <astron247> its lines are just too thin even for display purposes
[20:18] <mirek2> we wouldn't use raleway
[20:18] <alexander__> Raleway is great for headlines, IMO
[20:18] <mirek2> I don't like the background
[20:18] <astron247> me neither
[20:18] <mirek2> I think the template would be fine with a black background, tbh
[20:18] <alexander__> but nor for the text body
[20:18] <astron247> but i said that
[20:19] <mirek2> or rather dark grey
[20:19] <alexander__> maybe a slight gradient
[20:20] <mirek2> so let's agree that if we elect this one, we'll simplify the background
[20:20] <astron247> okay
[20:20] <mirek2> to either a single color or a gradient
[20:20] <astron247> progress ... i like
[20:20] <mirek2> me too
[20:20] <mirek2> which of the masterpages should we use
[20:21] <astron247> i am a bit unsure about the contrast of green to dark gray, though
[20:21] <alexander__> maybe a brighter green
[20:21] <mirek2> it's enough of a contrast, imho
[20:21] <mirek2> I really like the green that's used right now
[20:21] <astron247> maybe a bit, yes...
[20:22] <astron247> me too, otoh
[20:22] <mirek2> I think it's enough of a contrast, to be honest
[20:22] <astron247> i would go for the second slide though, not for the third one
[20:23] <astron247> (the third is not light enough)
[20:23] <mirek2> if by second slide, you mean the one on the top right on
[20:24] <mirek2> then I agree
[20:24] <astron247> yes, thats the one
[20:24] <mirek2> agreed
[20:24] <mirek2> alex?
[20:25] <alexander__> agreed
[20:25] <astron247> okay...three notes
[20:25] <alexander__> Not very useful, I think
[20:25] <astron247> im not sure if you can use it under any normal circumstances at all
[20:25] <astron247> but nice idea
[20:26] <mirek2> I agree
[20:26] <mirek2> it doesn't really work with any of the layouts
[20:27] <astron247> okay... typography
[20:28] <mirek2> I like each one except yellow
[20:28] <alexander__> First and last slide probably cannot be used
[20:28] <mirek2> yeah, for layout reasons
[20:28] <astron247> i hate the purple one
[20:29] <astron247> sorry... if i am too outspoken here
[20:29] <alexander__> Should that one be left out?
[20:30] <astron247> well it would become multiple templates anyway.
[20:30] <mirek2> well, we'll vote on each of the remaining three
[20:30] <mirek2> anyway, move on to vintage?
[20:31] <astron247> nice idea, but im not convinced
[20:31] <alexander__> svg version:
[20:32] <alexander__> Should something be changed?
[20:32] <mirek2> hm, maybe make the background yellower
[20:32] <mirek2> to be honest, though, I never really liked the template much
[20:33] <mirek2> astron, your thoughts?
[20:34] <astron247> its okay... but one thing thats not so good in the new version is that the ink doesnt actually extend to the border of the page
[20:35] <alexander__> I think it renders a bit diffeent
[20:35] <alexander__> I can increase their size
[20:37] <astron247> okay... next one
[20:37] <alexander__> should this one excluded?
[20:37] <alexander__> *be
[20:37] <astron247> no, i dont think so
[20:37] <mirek2> I don't think it's unusable
[20:37] <astron247>
[20:38] <astron247> imho too many different colours
[20:39] <alexander__> I like that map, maybe it could be a bit bigger and the slides a bit more polished
[20:39] <mirek2> I don't really like the map
[20:39] <mirek2> that's just me, though
[20:40] <astron247> its usable, but certainly not my favourite
[20:40] <astron247> also using an actual map means its kinda important what you put into the centre
[20:40] <mirek2> exactly
[20:40] <astron247> (ie: american maps will put america in the centre)
[20:41] <astron247> okay... points.
[20:41] <astron247> yes?
[20:41] <mirek2> how would this work?
[20:42] <mirek2> how about we just pick 10 templates we like?
[20:42] <mirek2> each
[20:42] <astron247> okay, lets each pick ten (or fewer templates)
[20:43] <mirek2> I'd vote for bright blue, clean inspiration, glibo, lush reen, metropolis, progress
[20:44] <mirek2> maybe some typography templates as well
[20:44] <astron247> clean inspiration second slide, glibo second slide, progress second slide, typography red, metropolis, sunset, lush (alternate slide)
[20:45] <alexander__> progress, portfolio, metropolis, lush green, sunset, clean inspiration, bright blue, blueprint
[20:45] <alexander__> plus the 2nd and 4th of the typography ones
[20:46] <mirek2> we all agree on progress, metropolis, clean inspiration
[20:46] <mirek2> how many templates do we need to select?
[20:46] <mirek2> ten?
[20:46] <mirek2> six?
[20:46] <astron247> everything with at least 2 voices, up to ten
[20:47] <mirek2> oh, and lush green
[20:47] <mirek2> I'd be fine with sunset as well
[20:48] <mirek2> typography red as well
[20:48] <mirek2> we're up to 6
[20:49] <mirek2> glibo and bright blue have two votes
[20:49] <mirek2> anything I missed?
[20:49] <astron247> uh no
[20:50] <astron247> then lets keep those 8....
[20:50] <mirek2> so progress, metropolis, clean inspiration, lush green, sunset, typography red, glibo, and bright blue
[20:51] <astron247> my real life calls... sorry..
[20:51] <astron247> ill go offline now
[20:51] <alexander__> Alright, bye
[20:51] <astron247> was nice chatting with you. bye
[20:52] == astron247 [] has left #libreoffice-design []
[20:52] <mirek2> bye
[20:52] <mirek2> anyway, we need to contact the authors about licensing
[20:53] <mirek2> and tell developers what we've chosen
[20:53] <alexander__> I guess the statement that all submissions must be cc0 doesn't suffice?
[20:54] <mirek2> no, I think we need a clear statement
[20:54] <mirek2> I'll ask Michael, I guess?
[20:54] <mirek2> or is someone better at lawyering?
[20:55] <alexander__> He told me to send a mail with a blanket statement to the dev mailing list
[20:55] <mirek2> Michael?
[20:56] <mirek2> what statement, btw?
[20:56] <alexander__> yes
[20:56] <mirek2> I know there's a set LGPL/MPL statement
[20:56] <mirek2> I guess we could just modify it for CC0?
[20:56] <alexander__> I hereby declare that all my past and future contributions to libreoffice are licensed under LGPLv3/MPL or, where applicable under cc0
[20:57] <alexander__> something likew that
[20:57] <mirek2> I'll ask Michael for a statement :)
[20:57] <alexander__> ok
[20:57] <mirek2> "where applicable" seems too vague
[20:58] <mirek2> it's not a statement I would send myself
[20:58] <mirek2> anything else to discuss?
[20:58] <mirek2> it might have been good to discuss the start center/splash screen looks, but since Astron's gone...
[20:59] <alexander__> I guess the splash screens etc don't need to be discussed today
[20:59] <alexander__> yeah
[20:59] <mirek2> yeah
[20:59] <alexander__> Could you upload the log?
[21:00] <mirek2> sure
[21:00] <mirek2> I guess we're done then
[21:01] <alexander__> yes
[21:01] <mirek2> good night, then :)
[21:01] <alexander__> Have a nice weekend