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  • Planet TDF redesign
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[15:55] <mipmap_> hello astron
[15:56] <astron> hi oskar
[15:56] <mipmap_> I already gave me some feedback on my planet redesign, could you check it again and give me some more?
[15:56] <mipmap_>
[15:57] <astron> okay, re: fonts, i like open sans, but i don't really like the condensed version
[15:58] <mipmap_> ok
[15:58] <astron> (also removing the extra font would shave a few kb when loading the site.)
[15:59] <astron> the second thing is the letter spacing in the site title – it is really tight.
[15:59] <mipmap_> I grabbed those from the front-site of, but do you know if there are any more fonts I should consider
[15:59] <astron> no, i would go open sans (the normal version ) all the way
[15:59] <mipmap_> ok
[15:59] <mipmap_> I'll try that
[16:00] <mipmap_> what do you think about the number of characters per row, should I increase it? I think its about 60 now
[16:00] <astron> just wanted to ask about it :)
[16:01] <astron> it looks a like there could be a little more. if you don't want that, you could consider increasing default font size
[16:01] <mipmap_> in the site header?
[16:01] <astron> hm, no, i mean for body text
[16:02] <mipmap_> yep, I will for sure increase the margins on the sides, as well as the bottom margins (a little). But having too long lines to read is heavy for the eyes
[16:03] <astron> (btw, there is a typo in your div.bread declaration, it's Helvetica not Helvet_e_ica)
[16:04] <mipmap_> I used some graphical elements (circles and horizontal ruler) do you think they are "too much"
[16:04] <astron> re: the number of characters per line: up to 80 is okay, actually you may need 80 characters for coder blocks, so inside <code> you may need a smaller font size
[16:05] <mipmap_> yeah I recounted them too
[16:05] <mipmap_> mhm
[16:06] <mipmap_> I also need a style for <code>
[16:07] <mipmap_> The bullet "balls" looks a little big in retrospect, do you think I should shrink them?
[16:07] <astron> code style: i strongly recommend dejavu sans mono, it is similar in x-height/width to open sans & has a bold version
[16:07] <mipmap_> ok
[16:07] <astron> the bullets are large, but i think they are ok.
[16:08] <astron> but i dont know why there is this big grey-green ball before 4 July 2013
[16:08] <astron> why is it there?
[16:08] <mipmap_> decorations 
[16:08] <mipmap_> that was my point, is it too much?
[16:09] <astron> i would leave that out – seems a bit pointless.
[16:09] <mipmap_> hehe ok
[16:09] <mipmap_> But I really like the horizontal ruler
[16:09] <astron> its cool that it is two-coloured, but its a bit fat, imo
[16:10] <mipmap_> ok
[16:10] <astron> also, one important thing in many planets are hackergotchies – little pictures of the post authors – did you think about that?
[16:10] <mipmap_> I think it should be the same style as the bottom borders in the sidepanels - (1em for each line) 
[16:11] <mipmap_> no I have not
[16:11] <mipmap_> there was no sample resource for that, though I've seen them being used on the gnome blog
[16:11] <mipmap_> do you know if the planet system supports some default size?
[16:11] <astron> right, i think they give posts a lot more personality, so … id like them in the tdf planet too.
[16:12] <astron> there must be some support,but i ve never done a planet theme
[16:12] <mipmap_> ok, I'll look it up
[16:13] <mipmap_> final question astron
[16:13] <mipmap_> how many icons are there in a LibreOffice suit
[16:14] <astron> too many :)
[16:14] <mipmap_> pick a number
[16:15] <astron> galaxy seems to have around 4000
[16:15] <mipmap_> yep, actually its a little bit less (by my count) 3300 
[16:16] <mipmap_> but with all four themes its close to 13 000
[16:16] <astron> right – but if you know this, why ask?
[16:17] <mipmap_> hehe, its a riddiculus number and people are mostly wrong, but you were pretty close
[16:17] <astron> well, i used the file manager. so i cheated. but i looked this number up before
[16:18] <mipmap_> ah
[16:18] <mipmap_> Im building a web app for collaborative icon editing and browsing, mostly to get better at webdev
[16:19] <astron> thats why i was always against trying to create a new theme (like sifr now)
[16:19] <mipmap_> but I also think it would streamline the icon production
[16:19] <astron> ah, right, i saw that
[16:19] <astron> do you have a link? (i think you only posted a screenshot before(..?))
[16:19] <mipmap_> its not online yet, but it's getting there
[16:20] <mipmap_> The icons are in the database and can be rendered, now I'm working on the tagging part
[16:20] <mipmap_> once the icons can be tagged I will upload a version
[16:21] <mipmap_> even tough you cant upload new icons - simply making the lot browsable and searchable would help a lot
[16:21] <astron> right – it would save people having to check out git all the time
[16:22] <mipmap_> that too
[16:22] <mipmap_> it takes about 2 seconds, perhaps 10 online, to load all 13000 icons
[16:22] <mipmap_> I don't know how long it would take clicking through the filepaths or github
[16:23] <astron> hm ... well for most things we have to use cgit which is very tedious
[16:23] <astron> git and cgit aren't really made to work well for images
[16:24] <mipmap_> do you have any projects you would like to have feedback on?
[16:24] <astron> not really.
[16:24] <mipmap_> aight
[16:24] <astron> although, id love to talk about your release notes icons again
[16:24] <astron> :)
[16:26] <astron> are you still working on them?
[16:30] <astron> mipmap_?
[16:30] <mipmap_> yes
[16:31] <mipmap_> took a shower
[16:31] <mipmap_> not really, I wanted to bring them up on a design meeting, but there seems to be none
[16:31] <astron> well, there is one right now :) but were not that many people
[16:32] <mipmap_> yep
[16:32] <mipmap_> lets see if I can find them
[16:33] <astron>
[16:33] <mipmap_> ok, now i have them
[16:35] <mipmap_> they should still be considered to be in "concept" stage
[16:35] <astron> ok
[16:36] <mipmap_> I have no clue how to draw a user interface icon, my initial idea was to have a cursor or hand with some ui elements
[16:37] <astron> well, tbh, i am not completely sure it makes sense to try to draw an icon for all these categories....
[16:38] <mipmap_> well, that was the request (if I remember it correctly)
[16:38] <astron> thats right, it was
[16:39] <mipmap_> so... you think I should not-finish it?
[16:41] <astron> not sure.
[16:41] <astron> that way more of a general thought
[16:42] <mipmap_> hm, my thoughs have been that perhaps I should finish the ones which have somewhat good icons and skip the rest
[16:44] <astron> well, feature removal & api changes seem two not deserving of icons
[16:46] <mipmap_> hm
[16:46] <mipmap_> But they should have something there, as a placeholder - otherwise it might be inconsistent
[16:46] <astron> for performance a fast-forward arrow might be better >>
[16:47] <astron> right
[16:48] <astron> the other thing is that it might actually be useful to outsource at least the api changes – they are not generally interesting and consist of long lists
[16:50] <mipmap_> hm good idea with arrows
[16:50] <mipmap_> it will bring thoughts to <#> with is a general coding symbol
[16:51] <mipmap_> what do you mean by "outsourcing" ?
[16:51] <astron> put it on a different page
[16:54] <mipmap_> ah, yeah
[16:54] <mipmap_> I'll write a not about it and recommend it to the requester
[16:55] <astron> right
[16:55] <mipmap_> I'm a bit uncertain of the purpose of this page, if it is for marketing or product info
[16:55] <mipmap_> if it is marketing then it should contain much less info
[16:55] <astron> hah. right. its both.
[16:55] <mipmap_> as product info it should probably contain more screenshots
[16:55] <astron> and youre right
[16:56] <mipmap_> what do you think about tux btw, from a legal point of view
[16:56] <astron> should be ok
[16:57] <astron> although i dont really know – but i think there are various tux illustrations under various licenses
[16:59] <astron> – this is attribution-only
[17:00] <mipmap_>         The copyright holder of this file allows anyone to use it for any purpose, provided that the copyright holder is properly attributed. Redistribution, derivative work, commercial use, and all other use is permitted.
[17:00] <mipmap_> so I guess it would require some kind of attribution to wikimedia
[17:01] <astron> no, as it say – Author: Larry Ewing, Simon Budig, Anja Gerwinski
[17:02] <mipmap_> hm, this will be hard to maintain
[17:03] <astron> maybe there is something like png comments?
[17:04] <astron> (i know this exists for gifs)
[17:07] <mipmap_> hm, could work
[17:07] <mipmap_> I'll just make my own tux and donate that
[17:07] <astron> really?
[17:10] <astron> you can also look here –
[17:11] <astron> most of these images should be public domain
[17:11] <mipmap_> my tux looks a little fat..
[17:12] <mipmap_>
[17:15] <astron> hm, well, it doesnt look quite finished :)
[17:16] <mipmap_> no 
[17:16] <mipmap_> :)
[17:16] <astron> anyway, shall we finish here?
[17:19] <mipmap_> sure
[17:19] <mipmap_> thx for all the feedback!
[17:22] <astron> no problem :)
[17:22] <astron> i may try to work on your icons a little, if you don't mind..?
[17:27] <mipmap_> sure! I'm useless with icons anyway :)
[17:27] <astron> ok
[17:27] <astron> ill upload the log then.
[17:27] <astron> bye