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[18:07] <mirek2> hi peter
[18:07] <pacraddock> Hi Mirek
[18:08] <mirek2> any topic you'd like to discuss?
[18:08] <mirek2> do you still want to help out with the icon set?
[18:09] <pacraddock> Thought we could do a small update on the icon issue.
[18:09] <pacraddock> I've been taking a look at the tango icons in Inkscape,
[18:09] <pacraddock> but can't really get my head around the Inkscape interface on macOS, so I'll probably (i) check out Inkscape under Windows or (ii) use another SVG editor ;-)
[18:10] <pacraddock> In the meantime, you said that you might try to get someone else involved in the icon set. Did you find someone?
[18:10] <mirek2> no, not really
[18:10] <mirek2> I posted on Google Plus and Diaspora
[18:11] <mirek2> there was a teacher who seemed interested to involve his design students, but he hasn't replied back
[18:11] <mirek2> (and that was a while ago)
[18:11] <mirek2> I'm working on the icons myself now, though
[18:12] <mirek2> does Inkscape run under X11 on macOS?
[18:12] <pacraddock> Yup
[18:13] <mirek2> perhaps you could try running it in a virtual machine?
[18:13] <mirek2> under e.g. Ubuntu
[18:14] <pacraddock> Perhaps, not a bad idea. I never thought of installing Ubuntu on my laptop - only have it on a desktop.
[18:14] <mirek2> why not use your desktop to design the icons?
[18:15] <pacraddock> It's connected to the TV ;-)
[18:15] <mirek2> oh, ok
[18:15] <pacraddock> So what have you been able to tackle with the icons then?
[18:16] <mirek2> I've started sorting them out a bit
[18:16] <mirek2> and have made 3 icon sheets
[18:16] <mirek2> you can track the progress on GitHub
[18:16] <mirek2>
[18:17] <mirek2> the sheets make it easy to modify multiple icons at a time, tweak shared gradients, export different sets, etc.
[18:18] <mirek2> and I've finished up most of the shapes
[18:18] <mirek2> there's still a lot to do though :)
[18:19] <mirek2> have you made icons before?
[18:20] <pacraddock> Occasionally, but never a full icon set
[18:21] <pacraddock> Mostly somewhere in the 16x16 to 32x32 range
[18:21] <mirek2> okay
[18:22] <mirek2> what software do you usually use for SVG editing?
[18:23] <mirek2> Illustrator?
[18:24] <pacraddock> I have an old version of Illustrator, and also a (slightly less old) version of VectorDesigner
[18:25] <mirek2> ok
[18:25] <mirek2> I think they might be ok to use for editing the icons
[18:25] <mirek2> (the sheets no longer use Inkscape labels, but rather IDs for export)
[18:26] <mirek2> I have no clue how SVG compatible they are
[18:26] <mirek2> so I'd still prefer if you used Inkscape if you could
[18:27] <pacraddock> No worries, I'll look at the Ubuntu virtual machine idea
[18:27] <mirek2> ok, great :)
[18:30] <mirek2> would you rather work on the Gnome icon theme or the Symbolic theme?
[18:31] <mirek2> (the Gnome theme is harder to design for)
[18:31] <mirek2> (and by Gnome, I mean the refreshed version of our Tango theme, which will be based on Gnome's icon theme)
[18:32] <pacraddock> No specific preference - probably best to just make sure there's no double work
[18:33] <mirek2> ok
[18:33] <mirek2> do you have a GitHub account?
[18:34] <pacraddock>
[18:36] <mirek2> I'm thinking of merging the Symbolic theme and the Tango testing theme, but I need the go-ahead from the creator of the Symbolic theme. I'll add you once I hear from him.
[18:36] <mirek2> (unless you'd like to start contributing right away)
[18:37] <mirek2> also, and I may have asked you this before, sharing your work under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license is ok with you, right?
[18:37] <pacraddock> Yes, no worries
[18:38] <pacraddock> (right away may be difficult as I'm painting a bunch a walls in my flat ;-) )
[18:38] <mirek2> ok, good :)
[18:40] <pacraddock> So, to recap, I'll look into other ways of using Inkscape and will become familiar with its interface; I'll also start looking at your changes to Tango to see what style we need to create
[18:41] <pacraddock> and if the author of Symbolic gives you the go ahead, we'll be able to start bringing Symbolic and Tango together
[18:41] <mirek2> perhaps you could install Ubuntu Gnome, as we're basing the new Tango theme on the Gnome theme
[18:41] <mirek2>
[18:42] <pacraddock> No worries - I already have it on the desktop, so with the install disk it won't be a problem getting it onto my laptop
[18:42] <mirek2> to get acquainted with the icon set
[18:42] <mirek2> there is a package for gnome icons in Ubuntu, too, I bet
[18:43] <mirek2> gnome-icon-theme
[18:43] <mirek2> no, wait, it's probably gnome-icon-theme-full
[18:43] <mirek2> you can also see their icon set on
[18:44] <mirek2> we're reusing and modifying a bunch of their icons
[18:44] <mirek2> as they're also released under the CC-BY-SA license
[18:45] <mirek2> (it's best to install git and pull the icons to your desktop)
[18:46] <pacraddock> (was just downloading the icon set that way ;-) )
[18:46] <mirek2> :)
[18:46] <mirek2> you might want to git pull libreoffice as well
[18:47] <mirek2> (you might also want to try to compile it so that you could see the icons in practice as you design them, but that's up to you)
[18:48] <mirek2>
[18:48] <mirek2> the icons are in the icon-themes folder
[18:50] <pacraddock> ok, will do
[18:51] <mirek2> the way the sheets will be set up (but are not yet, I'm working on it) is that each sheet will have a "markers" layer
[18:52] <mirek2> that layer will include rectangles with IDs named after the icons
[18:53] <mirek2> I'll explain this better in the README file on git
[18:54] <pacraddock> ok
[18:54] <pacraddock> Must be off, but I'll take a look at all of that
[18:54] <mirek2> ok :)
[18:55] <pacraddock> thanks for the explanations ;-)