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[15:40] <@medieval> hi
[15:41] <mirek2> hi there
[15:41] <mirek2> 20 minutes early, I see
[15:42] <mirek2> anything you'd like to talk about today
[15:42] <mirek2> ?
[15:42] <@medieval> not, but i just wanted to see whats going on
[15:42] <mirek2> btw, please fill in this form:
[15:43] <@medieval> sunday is always free for me
[15:43] <mirek2> please fill it into the form, then :)
[15:43] <@medieval> ok
[15:43] <@medieval> sorry for not bring here a long time
[15:44] <mirek2> that's fine
[15:45] <@medieval> field works are mostly in summer
[15:45] <mirek2> what was your job?
[15:46] <@medieval> i am working with black stork
[15:46] <@medieval> but i was mostly in bird station
[15:46] <mirek2> ok
[15:47] <@medieval> "black stork stopover usage by satellite telemetry"
[15:47] <mirek2> hm, ok
[15:47] <mirek2> never even heard of that
[15:49] <@medieval> as i am living in estonia, then i was in saaremaa island
[15:50] <mirek2> cool
[15:50] <@medieval> what have been the topics here in latest weeks?
[15:50] <mirek2> see for yourself:
[15:51] <mirek2> not much activity as of late, I'm afraid
[15:51] <mirek2> astron hasn't been involved for a while
[15:51] <@medieval> (i'm coming back in 15 min)
[15:51] <mirek2> hence the idea of moving the chat to a different time
[15:51] <mirek2> ok
[15:51] <@medieval> ok
[16:11] <@medieval> iamback
[16:11] <mirek2> hi again
[16:12] <mirek2> so... would you like to work on anything related to libreoffice?
[16:12] <@medieval> possibly
[16:12] <@medieval> i think there isn't much i can work
[16:13] <mirek2> what do you mean?
[16:13] <mirek2> there's tons to do :)
[16:14] <mirek2> and you can always report UX bugs
[16:14] <mirek2> writing up the process for that on the wiki as we speak
[16:15] <@medieval> i heard a bad news that our Ministry of the Environment is moving back to ms office
[16:16] <@medieval>
[16:17] <@medieval> problem is that every "template" were made in ms office rtf format... and libreoffice can't handle it correctly
[16:17] <mirek2> that's sad
[16:18] <@medieval> yes
[16:20] <@medieval> they bought ms office licences with 0.6 million euros
[16:20] <mirek2> what a waste of taxpayer money
[16:20] <@medieval> i don't know how much licences there are
[16:21] <mirek2> they could've easily converted those templates to ODF format for that much
[16:21] <@medieval> it was our only government agency that uses libreoffice
[16:21] <@medieval> ofcourse
[16:21] <mirek2> the bug UX is up:
[16:21] <mirek2> "Report UX Bugs"
[16:22] <@medieval> my brother didn't know the specific problem they had with rtf
[16:23] <@medieval> brother is working in enviromental agency
[16:23] <mirek2> oh, ok
[16:23] <mirek2> for 0.6 million euros, I'd gladly convert the RTF files for them :)
[16:23] <@medieval> yea
[16:24] <@medieval> but our government "goal" is to move open source platvorms in future
[16:25] <mirek2> if they're unable to convert their RTF templates with that kind of budget, I'd doubt their dedication to that idea
[16:25] <mirek2> but anyway...
[16:26] <@medieval> mostly if they let somebody to make some application for government it must be open sources
[16:26] <mirek2> ok, at least that
[16:27] <@medieval> yes,
[16:27] <mirek2> anyway...
[16:27] <@medieval> currently we have e-elections and it s open sources,
[16:27] <@medieval> ok
[16:27] <mirek2> good
[16:28] <mirek2> so... would you like to work on something?
[16:28] <mirek2> we have no shortage of tasks :)
[16:28] <mirek2> icons are one thing you could work on
[16:28] <@medieval> which ones?
[16:29] <mirek2> you could help with icons for the iOS remote (that should be relatively simple):
[16:29] <mirek2> and also quick
[16:29] <mirek2> (not very many icons there)
[16:29] <mirek2> or you could help with the monochrome icon set Ahmad is working on
[16:30] <mirek2> or with a refreshed Tango icon set
[16:30] <mirek2> both on
[16:32] <mirek2> or you can report UX bugs, as I said earlier
[16:32] <mirek2> you can test out the Android Impress Remote, if you have an Android device
[16:32] <@medieval> i have
[16:33] <mirek2> then please give feedback :)
[16:34] <@medieval> (at least our government is paying 1000 euros a month to hold up this: , not best but at least there is something)
[16:34] <@medieval> i have intalled it, but havent played around
[16:35] <mirek2> ok
[16:35] <mirek2> well, when you do, please give feedback
[16:35] <@medieval> i need to give a lot of presentations this semester then i can test it a lot
[16:36] <mirek2> ok
[16:37] <mirek2> still, it'd be good to give some feedback now, before it's released
[16:37] <mirek2> to smooth out the experience before release
[16:41] <mirek2> anyway, I'll stop persuading you to work on something :)
[16:41] <mirek2> anything you'd like to talk about?
[16:42] <@medieval> ok
[16:43] <@medieval> is color handling going somewhere?
[16:45] <mirek2> we don't have a dev for that yet
[16:46] <mirek2> we do have an easyhack to get it started, though:
[16:46] <mirek2> just for document colors
[16:46] <mirek2> (custom colors would be too hard for an easyhack, it seems)
[16:46] <@medieval> ok...
[16:47] <@medieval> document colors will be nice too
[16:47] <mirek2> if you know a developer who might want to work on it, give him a shout :)
[16:48] <@medieval> (will i need to intall some extension in impress to use remote?)
[16:49] <@medieval> i donät i looked it up
[16:50] <mirek2> you'll have to figure that out on your own :)
[16:51] <mirek2> (if you can't figure out how to run the remote, we'll need to work on its UX)
[16:51] <mirek2> (try to figure it out just using the app itself)
[16:52] <@medieval> it doesn't want to connect with my computer...
[16:52] <mirek2> it's not finding your computer?
[16:52] <@medieval> it finds it but...
[16:54] <mirek2> I think this'll be a UX problem, mostly
[16:58] <@medieval> i can to everything with between computer and phone but not that
[16:58] <@medieval> now it connected
[16:58] <@medieval> i needed to turn adapter off and on again
[16:59] <mirek2> ok
[17:01] <@medieval> i is working
[17:01] <mirek2> good
[17:02] <@medieval> i need bigger screen phone but it is usefull
[17:03] <mirek2> if it doesn't look good on your phone, be sure to send screenshots
[17:04] <mirek2> it'd be good if you could send your impressions to the mailing list
[17:04] <@medieval> it looks
[17:05] <@medieval> is there optoion where i can look slides in phone when there is blank page on computer
[17:06] <mirek2> sorry, don't understand what you mean
[17:06] <mirek2> it's a remote, not a presentation viewer
[17:06] <mirek2> if that's what you meant
[17:07] <@medieval> sometimes gving presentation i need to move to slide like 66 but i dont want show them between slides...
[17:08] <@medieval> its not so big problem
[17:09] <mirek2> you should be able to do that with this
[17:10] <@medieval> but i think having time that shows presentation time will be usefull
[17:11] <@medieval> sometimes i need to between 20 min, 10 min, 45 min and so one
[17:11] <@medieval> it would be usefull
[17:12] <mirek2> you mean a timer?
[17:13] <@medieval> yea
[17:13] <mirek2> or you mean have more specific time settings for the built-in timer?
[17:14] <@medieval> and maybe possibility to countdown
[17:14] <mirek2> ok
[17:14] <mirek2> I hope you'll write all this to the mailing liste :)
[17:14] <@medieval> we have a lot limited time presentations
[17:14] <mirek2> -e
[17:15] <mirek2> it'll be in the log nevertheless
[17:15] <@medieval> ux mailing list?
[17:15] <mirek2> or the design mailing list
[17:15] <mirek2> (if using the ux list, send it under the existing android remote thread)
[17:16] <@medieval> i will write something
[17:16] <mirek2> great :)
[17:16] <@medieval> ok
[17:17] <mirek2> anything else you'd like to talk about?
[17:18] <@medieval> not really
[17:19] <mirek2> ok
[17:19] <mirek2> let's end the chat, then :)
[17:20] <mirek2> see you next week
[17:22] <@medieval> bye. one bug: it shows red rectangle on wrong slide after 4 slides or...
[17:23] <@medieval> i will work with it and make some screens
[17:23] <mirek2> great, thanks