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[12:46] <mirek2> hi guys
[12:46] <mirek2> sorry for being late
[12:46] <mirek2> are you discussing something?
[12:46] <LLyaudet> not yet
[12:46] <LLyaudet> hi
[12:47] <mirek2> anything you'd like to discuss?
[12:47] <LLyaudet> nothing in particular
[12:48] <LLyaudet> but I'm ready if you have any topic
[12:48] <mirek2> ;)
[12:48] <mirek2> honestly, I'm really behind on all LibreOffice stuff
[12:48] <mirek2> let's see...
[12:50] <mirek2> we have a new default template in the latest build, but I haven't gotten to try it out yet
[12:50] <mirek2> if you've tried it, send your comments to the design list
[12:51] <LLyaudet> I haven't. Thinking about it I still have to document on VCL
[12:51] <mirek2> I also have yet to comment on the new Start Center...
[12:51] <mirek2> LLyaudet: I'm looking forward to that :)
[12:54] <mirek2> I feel like there was a lot of controversy surrounding the new dialog...
[12:55] <LLyaudet> Yes people expected soemthing closer to Mateusz design I think
[12:55] <mirek2> it'd be good if we could extend our HIG to resolve differences in opinion
[12:55] <mirek2> LLyaudet: closer in what ways?
[12:56] <mirek2> sidebar on the right?
[12:56] <mirek2> huge logo on startup?
[12:56] <LLyaudet> yes and icons instead of previews fro thumbnails
[12:57] <mirek2> I think the issue is that there are lots of different opinions on what it should be like
[12:57] <LLyaudet> I don't know for the huge logo
[12:57] <mirek2> I personally would be against icons instead of previews
[12:57] <mirek2> as previews can be much more telling than icons
[12:57] <mirek2> and their aspect ratio is indicative of the file type
[12:58] <LLyaudet> I have no preference between both but someone mentionned security???
[12:58] <mirek2> (though I agree there should be more to indicate the file type, now that we don't have file type pickers)
[12:58] <LLyaudet> people expected the file type pickers also
[12:59] <mirek2> LLyaudet: I agree that's an issue (more privacy than security, though).
[12:59] <mirek2> it'd be great if we allowed removing and pinning thumbnails, like e.g. Firefox does
[12:59] <mirek2> LLyaudet: that's another controversial topic :)
[13:00] <LLyaudet> maybe we should have polls on the wiki for these topics
[13:00] <mirek2> I'm generally against polls
[13:00] <LLyaudet> why?
[13:01] <mirek2> I'd resort to voting as a last resort
[13:01] <mirek2> because design decisions should not be matters of opinion
[13:01] <mirek2> but rather be based on deep reasoning and analysis
[13:02] <mirek2> we should be doing user testing, but we aren't right now
[13:03] <LLyaudet> yes but we have to explain this reasoning and analysis to everybody and at the end we should have most of the opinions  agree with the reasoning
[13:03] <LLyaudet> we can have a wiki page per controversial topic and give all the pro and con
[13:04] <mirek2> funny -- that's what we used to do:
[13:04] <mirek2> we can do the same at
[13:05] <LLyaudet> it's a good idea I think
[13:05] <mirek2> would you like to add an "Open Problems" section to that page, then?
[13:07] <mirek2> (along with the topics you deem controversial)
[13:07] <LLyaudet> yes I just created an account to the wiki we can start right now
[13:09] <mirek2> great :)
[13:13] <mirek2> if you need help adding problems, tell me :)
[13:20] <LLyaudet> I cant' submit my last modifications right now(spam limitation)
[13:21] <LLyaudet> So far we have only the sectionOpen problem
[13:21] <mirek2> that's enough, I think
[13:21] <LLyaudet> I just added but wait for submit the three topics we discussed
[13:21] <mirek2> ok
[13:22] <mirek2> could you also make a post to the design list under the start center thread about these controversial topics?
[13:22] <LLyaudet> of course I'll do it
[13:22] <mirek2> and say that we'll try to have definitive resolutions next week at the IRC chat
[13:22] <mirek2> thanks
[13:22] <LLyaudet> ok
[13:28] <mirek2> any other topics we should discuss?
[13:29] <mirek2> I don't suppose you'd like to work on improving the Tango icons we have...
[13:29] <LLyaudet> Do you know how much  time I must wait between two submissions to the wiki ?
[13:29] <mirek2> haw much?
[13:29] <LLyaudet> how many?
[13:29] <mirek2> how much time?
[13:30] <LLyaudet> I forgot to ping mahfiaz
[13:30] <LLyaudet> Tango icons ?
[13:30] <mirek2> (the default icon set we have)
[13:31] <LLyaudet> I'm not the good person to do the graphical design sorry
[13:32] <mirek2> ok :)
[13:33] <mirek2> if we have no other topics to cover, we can call it a day :)
[13:34] <LLyaudet> ok see you :)
[13:34] <mirek2> see you