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Tango Testing icons


[12:18] <mirek> hi astron
[12:18] <astron> hi there
[12:18] <mirek> any topics you'd like to discuss?
[12:19] <mirek> we could go through the options dialog again, if you'd like
[12:19] <astron> how is your patch with all the icons?
[12:21] <astron> (or rather, did you see you were asked to make some changes?)
[12:21] <mirek> about icons:
[12:21] <mirek> I originally just wanted to push the print icons
[12:22] <mirek> then I noticed Alex pushed some of the Tango testing icons
[12:22] <astron> a lot of them...
[12:22] <astron> if not even all of them.
[12:23] <mirek> so I looked at what icons he pushed and replaced them with the more recent Tango testing equivalents
[12:23] <mirek> and added new ones where there weren't any
[12:23] <mirek> (Alex's patch didn't include small versions of icons)
[12:23] <astron> ok. so far, so good.
[12:24] <mirek> that patch was rejected because of a merge problem
[12:24] <astron> no, you just need to change it a little to account for a renaming
[12:24] <mirek> meanwhile, I noticed that Ahmad started copying over icon sheets from Tango testing
[12:24] <astron> ok...
[12:24] <mirek> astron: yes, that's what I meant
[12:25] <astron> where does ahmad copy them?
[12:25] <astron> (or rather from where to where?)
[12:25] <mirek> I wasn't overly happy with the new icons anyway, so I held off on modifying the patch, hoping to change the icons a bit more before committing
[12:25] <mirek> astron: to the flat icon repository
[12:26] <astron> oh, so ahmad is trying to order sifr like tango testing
[12:26] <mirek> the plan is to share sheets for making the icons
[12:26] <astron> i see
[12:26] <mirek> makes things easier
[12:26] <mirek> the problem is that not all icons are categorized yet
[12:26] <mirek> so I've been spending some time lately trying to categorize the rest of the icons
[12:27] <astron> ok, since your icons (just imo) are quite a bit better than alex's (and also because there are small versions of them), could you still try to update the patch?
[12:27] <mirek> btw, any idea on where in LibreOffice I might see the sfx2/res icons?
[12:28] <mirek> astron: I want to make a few changes first, if that's ok
[12:29] <astron> i dont think it hurts to iterate in master, seriously.
[12:29] <astron> the sfx2/res icons are a bit of a mixed bag, but you might see some in the help browser, possibly...
[12:30] <mirek> how do I get to the help browser?
[12:30] <astron> what kind of libreoffice build are you in right now?
[12:31] <mirek> one of the latest ones
[12:31] <mirek> my stable version is
[12:32] <astron> ok, use stable, & press F1
[12:32] <astron> if you dont end up in a web browser, thats it
[12:32] <mirek> unfortunately, I do end up in a browser
[12:32] <astron> if you do end up in a web browser, you still need to install the help package
[12:33] <astron> synaptic or so, search for libreoffice-help-{language code}
[12:34] <mirek> thanks for that :)
[12:36] <astron> some of the other icons may turn up when signing/encrypting documents
[12:36] <mirek> you mean the 128x128 ones?
[12:37] <mirek> styfam3 is kind of a mystery to me, btw -- is it supposed to be line styles?
[12:37] <astron> i have no idea.
[12:38] <astron> also, i would suppose that sortascending e.g. appears in the template manager
[12:39] <astron> hm... the other template manager icons are all in sfx2/imglist
[12:39] <astron> odd
[12:39] <mirek> :)
[12:39] <mirek> sortascending is easy to take care of, though -- I just link it with all the other cmd/lc_sortascending.png
[12:42] <mirek> I'm just a bit cautious about linking styfam1, styfam2, and styfam4 to what appears to be character, paragraph, and page styles
[12:42] <mirek> and newex.png I have no clude about
[12:42] <mirek> -d
[12:44] <mirek> other problematic areas, if you have any clue about them:
[12:44] <astron> newex -- new style..?
[12:44] <mirek> extensions/res icons
[12:45] <astron> thats messy
[12:45] <astron> the icon theme includes icons for an extension
[12:45] <mirek> actually, extensions folder in general
[12:45] <astron> (its probably pre-installed, but not sure.)
[12:46] <mirek> astron: I suppose so
[12:46] <astron> scanner is for Insert > Image > Scan in writer (not sure exactly what the option is called), i think. but i dont think they are in use.
[12:46] <astron> not sure.
[12:47] <mirek> ok, I'll look at that
[12:47] <astron> well, maybe my assumption there is wrong.
[12:47] <mirek> reportdesign?
[12:47] <astron> try to git grep for the image names maybe
[12:48] <astron> reportdesign -- there is a report generator for base (pre-installed extension)
[12:48] <mirek> I'm guessing that's the report builder, just need to look at it
[12:48] <mirek> I use opengrok --
[12:48] <mirek> should be basically the same
[12:49] <astron> extensions/source/update/ui/ icons afaik are only shown on windows/mac when an update is available
[12:49] <mirek> not always helpful, though
[12:49] <astron> mirek2: git grep works when there is no internet too
[12:49] <astron> but yeah..
[12:49] <mirek> :) not a problem I tend to have
[12:50] <mirek> astron: I'm basing categorization on the packaged icon files
[12:50] <mirek> there's no update/ui folder there, probably because I'm building on Linux
[12:50] <astron> so, fdo's icon naming spec is not working for you?
[12:51] <astron> i am looking at it in the libo core repository
[12:51] <mirek> by "basing categorization", I meant that I don't look at the icon folders, but at the packaged icon files
[12:51] <astron> are you looking through the zip files?
[12:52] <mirek> I unpacked and merged the zip files and am categorizing based on them, yes
[12:52] <astron> mirek2: not sure what to make of what you said
[12:53] <mirek> :) to get a list of icons to categorize, I:
[12:54] <mirek> a) unpacked the zip files in instdir/share/config
[12:54] <mirek> b) merged them
[12:54] <mirek> I'm categorizing only icons from that
[12:55] <mirek> is that clearer?
[12:55] <astron> ok.
[12:55] <astron> thanks
[12:55] <mirek> (btw, I started out categorizing e.g. the cmd folder from the folder hierarchy, not from the zip files, so there might be some extra icons there)
[12:55] <astron> but why are you not starting from the repository?
[12:55] <astron> (where most of the unused icons should have been cleared out already)
[12:56] <mirek> I didn't want to rely on the unused icons being cleared out already
[12:56] <mirek> (are you sure they've been cleared out from each of the sets?)
[12:57] <astron> the way youre doing it, you will have problems if icons are used on only one os
[12:57] <mirek> yes
[12:57] <mirek> on the other hand, do we really have that many of those?
[12:57] <astron> not sure how many there are
[13:00] <mirek> honestly, I just wanted to avoid categorizing boatloads of forgotten icons
[13:00] <mirek> hopefully the Os
[13:00] <astron> this situation has vastly improved in the past years
[13:00] <mirek> ... the OS-specific ones will find their way into sheets
[13:01] <astron> ok
[13:01] <mirek> astron: even in the galaxy and industrial folders?
[13:02] <astron> not completely sure about industrial or human, but galaxy should be clean
[13:03] <mirek> (btw, any idea why sfx2/res/symphony/sidebar-colors-large.png exists? or sidebar-eyedropper-large.png? or sidebar-3d-large.png? were those cut features?)
[13:04] <astron> not sure. maybe those are features still to come?
[13:05] <mirek> possibly...
[13:06] <mirek> any clue what svx/res/fw01.png to fw021.png are for, and why they're black and white?
[13:07] <astron> i would try to look for them in draw.
[13:07] <astron> but no, not really
[13:08] <astron> (have i any idea what they are good for)
[13:09] <astron> wait ... someone has replaced my markers sheet in galaxy...
[13:09] <astron> probably with the old one from aoo
[13:11] <mirek> (sudden disconnection, sorry)
[13:11] <astron> its fine
[13:11] <mirek> perhaps it's better to keep the markers different for the galaxy theme?
[13:12] <astron> they were different
[13:12] <mirek> oh, ok
[13:12] <mirek> you designed special markers for galaxy?
[13:12] <astron> same shapes, but different colors
[13:13] <mirek> ok, makes sense
[13:14] <mirek> also, I can't find svx/res/galsnd*.png anywhere in LibreOffice
[13:14] <astron> not sure what markers2 is good for.
[13:14] <mirek> I assume they were used for sounds
[13:15] <astron> yes. they were used in the gallery as visualisations of sounds
[13:15] <mirek> not sure what the color coding in galdef, galnor, and galrdo represent
[13:15] <astron> different types of gallery folders.
[13:15] <mirek> yes, but what differentiates the type
[13:16] <astron> all of that is afaik not really in use but i think it leads to build failures when you remove it without changing the source
[13:17] <mirek> galdef, galnor, and galrdo are in use in the galaxy theme
[13:17] <astron> oh ... so
[13:17] <mirek> I now think it represents whether it's the user's
[13:17] <mirek> or whether it's bundled
[13:18] <mirek> the icons are linked to a folder icon in the Tango theme
[13:18] <astron> yes
[13:18] <mirek> I don't think the sound icons are used
[13:18] <mirek> not sure whether to include them in the icon sheets...
[13:18] <mirek> I'm leaning towards no
[13:19] <astron> they are not used.
[13:19] <astron> as i said, you cant remove them without build errors
[13:19] <astron> (i think i tried)
[13:19] <astron> not sure
[13:19] <mirek> ok, I won't include them then
[13:20] <mirek> icons from wizards/res -- do you know where they're used?
[13:21] <mirek> nevermind, I see that they're used in the web wizard
[13:22] <mirek> (at least some of them)
[13:22] <astron> yes
[13:22] <astron> there are other wizards too :)
[13:23] <astron> not sure they need to be adorned with this stuff
[13:23] <mirek> yes, but I don't think any others use the icons
[13:24] <mirek> what stuff? the web wizard icons are pretty key in the web wizard
[13:24] <astron> oh i hadnt looked into the folders, i thought you were referring to the header images
[13:25] <astron> sorry.
[13:25] <mirek> that's ok
[13:25] <astron> not sure the header images are still around
[13:25] <mirek> you mean e.g. the presentation header images?
[13:26] <mirek> yes, they're still there
[13:26] <mirek> presentation wizard
[13:26] <astron> ok
[13:27] <mirek> do you want to look at options again?
[13:28] <mirek> or should we call it a day?
[13:28] <mirek> or any other topics you'd like to cover?
[13:28] <astron> well, id have simple question before:
[13:29] <astron> are you okay if the Close Find Bar icon is lc_closedoc instead of lc_cancel?
[13:29] <astron> (i would create a patch changing the links file for that)
[13:29] <mirek> actually, that was one of the changes to links.txt that I was going to push :)
[13:29] <astron> oh... then
[13:30] <astron> do you mind if i do that separately?
[13:30] <astron> (i also removed sc_exitsearch which is clearly a galaxy icon)
[13:33] <mirek> (btw, there are a lot of changes coming with the links.txt file I plan to push -- e.g. the sidebar icons will change to the Tango ones, the Navigator icons as well, ...)
[13:33] <astron> cool.
[13:33] <mirek> the new properties icon will be a wrench
[13:34] <astron> ok... wrenches make us all happy.
[13:34] <mirek> :) just be prepared to see a lot more wrenches coming
[13:36] <astron> 4.3 is still some time away. if, g*d forbid, anyone were unhappy with them, we could still change them
[13:37] <mirek> any other questions/concerns?
[13:37] <astron> hm we should talk about the copy-styles-from-other-templates thing... but i was too lame to even look at it in the past two weeks
[13:38] <astron> so, i will let that debut on the ml
[13:38] <mirek> ok, sure
[13:39] <astron> oh... then on the topic of options:
[13:40] <astron> so, i realised how little sense the "unnecessary" category makes -- nobody will actually completely remove any option.
[13:40] <astron> (or at least it is unlikely unless it consistently leads to crashes or so)
[13:40] <astron> (and is unimportant)
[13:40] <mirek> right -- completely agree
[13:41] <mirek> would just use the "advanced" label for unnecessary
[13:42] <astron> well, we should do that for most things. but some, like the memory options are actually unnecessary, because they should depend on the computers capabilities and don't need to be saved anywhere, i would think
[13:42] <astron> (or maybe they should still be cached?)
[13:42] <mirek> well, not according to the conversation we had at the hackfest
[13:42] <mirek> I'm honestly not bothered by that staying in advanced options
[13:42] <astron> ok
[13:43] <astron> then just move everything => advanced
[13:43] <astron> i would say
[13:44] <mirek> all the unnecessary ones, yes :)
[13:44] <astron> yes. sorry for the overly broad statement
[13:45] <mirek> btw, on a completely unrelated note, if you want to get a feel for how the new iwork works, there's a series of videos on YouTube:
[13:45] <mirek> interesting to see that the style picker has the same split buttons as the Google Docs one
[13:46] <astron> ok
[13:48] <mirek> also, their sidebar is linked to toolbar buttons, which is what I have been pushing for
[13:49] <astron> ok.
[13:49] <astron> im watching it now... i guess we can close the chat...
[13:49] <astron> should i upload the log?
[13:50] <mirek> yes, go ahead
[13:51] <astron> bye
[13:51] <mirek> bye