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    Oct 02, 2014; 4:49am Jan Holesovsky-4
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2014-10-01
    * Present: Jay, Kendy, Samuel, Steve
    * Completed Action Items:
        + none - the first call :-)
    * Pending Action Items:
        + none
    * UI changes integrated the last week (Samuel):
        + Samuel tests + reads the code
            + thanks for your work there! (Kendy)
        + Firefox themes footer
            + footer themes did not work initially, but Michael J. fixed
        + Alternating lines highlight in the Expert configuration listbox
            + should that be enabled on more places?  possibly even default?
            + AI Samuel: Will try to switch it on generally; and also check
              what the other platforms are doing (like, if this way of
              highlighting is known/standard there)
        + Style dropdown:
            + beautiful!!! (Kendy)
        + Changes toolbar: New Icons (Jay)
            + completed, pushed now
            + will need a small update - when using a different background (Jay)
            + will update & push & add to the release notes
    * New Color Picker (Samuel)
        + Who's going to finish it?
        + seems some problems there are already fixed
        + AI Jay: will create bugs for the rest in bugzilla, and ping Krisztian
            + some of them could be Easy Hack-ized too
    * Redmine usage (Kendy)
        + Info from admins: Please don't use the Redmine wiki, it is not
          backed up!
        + TDF wiki should be the only wiki we use in the project...
            + AI Kendy: Check the how much info is in the redmine wiki
        + What advantage does Redmine have?
            + I like the forums (Jay)
            + Seems the forums is the ~only supported part of redmine
              though (Kendy)
            + Not much information who proposed the redmine initially,
              need feedback from them (Kendy)
            + mailing list works for me better - to keep track of what
              I've read, no idea if it is possible with forums? (Kendy)
    * Toolbar group buttons (Samuel / Jay)
        + Would be useful to have grouped toolbar buttons - Jay will
          design, Samuel can do some coding
        + But probably not for 4.4
    * Large Icons (Jay)
        + Usage of large icons by default on windows (Jay) fdo#82309
            + We already have that as the default on Linux and macOS
            + Mentioned the reasons in the bug
            + Adolfo objected; but no further discussion
            + small icons made sense when we had 800x600 screens (Jay)
                + relict of old times?
                + Support that: small icons on macOS are just too tiny, never used
                  that (Steve)
            + current approach in the code: if menu font size is bigger than a limit,
              show large icons
            + proposed change: when horizontal resolution is larger or equal
              than 1024 pixels, show large icons
                + let's try it in master and see if people oppose too much (Kendy)
                    + and revert if yes
                + concern if we hear about the positive feedback too (Steve)
                + blog about that, so that people can comment when they
                  like it (Steve)
        + Usage of large icons in the sidebar
            + would be useful when there is enough space
            + layout updates when the icons are bigger (Jay)
            + should be ~easy to bind it to the toolbar icon size setting, IIRC (Kendy)
                + AI Kendy: let's make an Easy Hack to conform to the icon size
                  setting, Kendy will provide the code pointers
    * Sidebar Improvements (Jay)
        + Addition of the style drop down to properties pane
        + Redesign of the properties pane
        + Creation of a new page properties pane
        + Integrating table toolbar features into the properties pane
        + 2 proposals, but who will do the code?
        + AI Kendy: Will provide Jay with pointers to .ui for the sidebar - so
          that he can try it in glade
    [the rest of the topics deferred to the next week :-)]