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    Jan 16, 2015; 4:33am Jan Holesovsky-4
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-01-14
    * Present: Heiko, Jay, Kendy, Mattias, Stuart
    * Pending Action Items:
        + Jay: Ask what is the plan with the templates on the new Extensions
          [Andreas mailed design@ ML, Jay will respond.]
        + Jay: Send a mail to [hidden email] with the
          wiki page that collects changes in menus
        + Kendy: Collecting of the user information should be incremental,
          somewhere in the user's profile
        + Ahmed: Push the new Sifr icons he's done recently
        + Kendy: Talk to Milos wrt.

        + Alex: Gnome 2.20-style 'a' icons & Gnome 3-style text line icons
        + Samuel: Formulas and Navigator should open in the sidebar, not as
          a special window

    * UI changes integrated the last week:
        + Integrated the templates from the Templates contest (Kendy)
        + Category tree view in Tools -> Options does not cut off text now (Adolfo)
        + hi-dpi improvements in the rulers (dbeurle)
        + Cleanup of frames in .ui files (Adolfo)
        + Several new Sifr icons (Matthias)
    * Cover art for 4.4 user guides
        + k-j: The Documentation team needs perhaps some new cover art for
          4.4 user guides documentation
              actual looking:
              source files:
        + the current ones (shown above) look pretty good to me (Kendy)
            + but if there is a need for change, happy to promote that using
              the Design G+ and Twitter (Kendy)
            + if the svg is broken when open with LibreOffice - please file
              a bug (Kendy)
                + and use a png snapshot for the moment... (Kendy)
    * Last week's discussions that need a resolution:
        + Return of the horizontal ruler (Jay)

            + turns out that it is still useful to have the horizontal ruler (Stuart)
            + there are concerns => revert (Kendy)
            + actually it's possible to show _only_ the horizontal one (Stuart)
                + Tools -> Options... -> Writer -> View
    AI          + conclusion: let's change it to show the horizontal ruler (Kendy)
        + Location of Header/Footer (Jay)
          I believe it is maybe best under format for calc and impress as
          they function differently

            + Calc + Impress different to Writer: they already have the
              headers / footers (Jay / Cor)
            + still it seems good to have the location in the menu same as
              in Writer (Kendy)
                + conclusion: Let's keep it as it is for 4.4 (changed to
        + Default document view for Writer, single page rather than
          automatic (Jay)

            + the position on the left looks strange (Jay)
            + there is a setting "automatic" - launches according to the
              size (Stuart)
                + this is the default now (Stuart)
                + but makes the document jumping here and there when you
                  zoom (Stuart)
            + "Two pages" tooltip is misnamed - it can have more pages than
              that (Stuart / Heiko)
                + "Column mode"? (Heiko)
                + "Fit pages"? (Kendy)
                + "Automatic"? (Stuart) - that's in the code
                    + or "Multipage view" / "Multiple page view"? (Stuart, Jay, Mattias)
    AI      + conclusion: about the default, let's change it to single page (Stuart)
        + Changing the context menu entry 'Default' to something more
          meaningful (Jay)

            + to have just a word "Default" in the menu is strange (Jay)
                + how to get it: F2, select text, right-click
                + confusing what it means (Jay)
                + yes (Kendy)
            + "Default" -> "Default Formatting" ? (Heiko)
                + it is actually not only the text style, also the number
            + "Apply cell style"? (Heiko)
                + "Reset to cell style"? (Kendy)
                + "Reset to cell formatting" (Jay)
                    + sounds good (Kendy)
                    + conclusion: Let's do it (4.5 only).
        + 'Spelling' or 'Spelling and Grammar' (Jay)

            + Writer has "Spelling and Grammar", Calc and Impress have only
            + if the functionality is working, let's just change the name in
              Calc and Impress (Kendy)
    AI      + conclusion: Double-check that grammar checking works in Calc
              and Impress, and if yes, change that to be consistent with
              Writer (Jay)
        + Calc - Context menu entry to edit Conditional Formatting (Jay)

    AI      + talk to Moggi what's his plan (Kendy)
        + Sidebar - undocked deck moves back onto Tabbar of the window at
          "closing" (Stuart, Joel)

            + the behavior is indeed confusing (Jay, Kendy, Heiko)
            + additionally there is a bug with docking (Heiko = Archlinux,
              KDE 4.14.3, LO
                + in some cases it works (for Kendy eg.), but not in other
                  (for Heiko)
            + conclusion: The Window's closing button should indeed close
              the window, not dock the sidebar
    AI          + easy-hackize this (Kendy)
    * Discussions that need resolutions - backlog from the last weeks
        + Writer - clipboard tools, always expose to context menu or hide
          when no active content? (Jay, Adolfo)

        + Document preview in open dialog (Jay)
          Adolfo suggest this be a GSoC

        + Better term for "soft hyphens"?

        + Disable object, image, and character toolbars in Impress (Jay, Cor)
          To simply the interface by having just one toolbar above and below

        + Default insert image anchor and wrapping (Jay)

        + When image anchor is set to 'As Character' it should set vertical
          align to top (Jay)

        + Unify wrap labels (Jay)

        + Tools > Options > View entries crushed (Jay, Stuart)

        + Unifying the location of 'Tools' (Jay)

        + non-breaking characters showing with grey background (Jay)

        + keyboard mode indicators in statusbar (Jay)

    * Customization Proposal (Heiko)
        + Heiko presents a draft of a proposal for making the
          Tools -> Customize... dialog easier to use
        + looks good! (Kendy)
            + could be a nice GSoC task (Kendy)
        + comments are enabled, if you have things that you would like to
          change there / add / re-consider, please add comments (Heiko)
    * Change tracking sidebar (Kendy)
        + Heiko - if you can put some thinking into this / do a proposal
          similar to the Customization one, you'll have a developer for
          this ;-) - me (Kendy)
        + probably not at the stage to kill the original dialog yet (Kendy)
            + Calc still does not have that as a sidebar
            + horizontal scrolling needed in the sidebar
    * Templates Feedback
        + Joel said:
          1) US date should be 'January 11, 2015' and not '2015. January
          2) rename them from "Moderate" and "Modern" to "Basic Business
             Letter" and "Modern Business Letter"
          3) really like Modern and "I would totally use that one"
        + New revision of one: Scientific manuscript
            + unfortunately too much text, we don't have a translation
              framework for templates yet (Kendy)
            + l10n framework for templates planned for 4.5 - then we will
              definitely consider it for that version (Kendy)
    * Terribly outdated screenshots on (Jay/Kendy)
    AI  + Jay will be able to do it this week (Jay)
        + google docs document dumping folder

            + please upload if you have good looking documents that you can
        + need to produce screenshots with the RC2
            + not necessary to provide as many of them as we have, better if
              we have fewer very good looking ones than many ugly & outdated