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Apr 29, 2015; 7:23am Jan Holesovsky-4
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-04-22
* Present: Heiko, Ibrahim, Jay, Kendy, Stuart
* Completed Action Items:

* Pending Action Items:

    + Kendy: agree with Marketing - if the app icons should have the status of logos
    + Kendy: Create a CoreHack to modify the tree view to have a Proof-of-concept of the Accordion widget
    + Jay: Send a mail to [hidden email] with the wiki page that collects changes in menus
    + Kendy: Collecting of the user information should be incremental, somewhere in the user's profile
    + Ahmed: Push the new Sifr icons he's done recently
    + Kendy: Talk to Milos wrt.
    + Alex: Gnome 2.20-style 'a' icons & Gnome 3-style text line icons
    + Samuel: Formulas and Navigator should open in the sidebar, not as a special window
        + Is that issue for the Navigator too (I dont read it from the issue)
          and in Writer the choice anycase was to allow opening separate too. (Cor, after discussion on 20150128)
            + the bug report only discusses the separate formulas sidebar in calc (Jay)
    + Kendy:
         + check how the sliders in the Audio/Video toolbar are implemented to move them to sidebar
    + Jay: Create a bug report about problem with parent icon set links.txt entries not appearing in child icon sets (Jay)
    + Kendy: Make sifr icons fall back on breeze icons as breeze is, more complete
* UI changes integrated the last week:

    + Rearrange Chart toolbars
    + Draw sidebar open by default (Kendy)
    + Styles & Formatting sidebar tab has style preview (Tomaz)
    + Finalized Draw UI (Jay)

* UI Guidelines (Heiko)
    + should add information how to create new widgets (Heiko)
    + generally UI guidelines should be kept simple to avoid the stagation
      that more detailed documents get (Ken)
    + had the Friday session about this
        + so far mostly getting on the same page - UX vision & personas (Heiko)
        + continue this Friday
* Icon Updates / Issues (Jay)

    + Shouldn't the icons in the Start Center always be the TDF/LibreOffice official "Branding" icons
      regardless of the icon theme? (Pedro)
AI      + best to agree with Marketing - if the app icons should have the status of logos (Kendy)
    + bug in the start center:
    + Tango (Alex/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

        + fixed two incorrectly shown icons (Jay)

    + Sifr (Papamatti/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

    + Breeze (Andreas/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

        + Andreas pushed some more icons (Jay)
    + Extra-Large (32x32) Icons for large resolutions
        + Status -
* How best to provide kendy with a list of needsDevEval (Jay)
    + presented the ~10 at ESC
    + query for all the NeedsDevEal them:
    + will present the UI related ones in the ESC weekly (Kendy)
AI      + let's triage what's there, and then use the "needsDevEval topicUI" combination for the proposed UI Easy Hacks (Jay / Stuart)
        + there is inconsistency between needDevEval, neeedsDevEval and NeedsDevEval
        + would be good if QA makes it consistent - querying is hard:
            + (26 bugs)
            + (14 bugs)
            + (75 bugs)
AI      + poke QA guys to make this consistent (Stuart)
* Artwork for LibreOffice 5.0 call for proposals (Stuart/Kendy)
    + Added the 5.0 Branding artwork call for proposals (Stuart)
        + it is a bit thin, so feel free to hack at it.
        + need some crafting on the Whiteboard as to scope of 5.0 branding proposals, e.g.
          + visual design (color scheme, icons)
          + StartCenter specifics (changes to layout--yes/no--)
          + placment or size of thumbnail views/template views
    + already some responses to posts to Users and Design MLs
    + needed: splash, startcenter graphics, about
    + reached to some people we know (Heiko, Jay)
    + now to spread the word more
AI      + put it online (Kendy)
* Insert Chart (Heiko/Jay)

    + blog posted
    + discussion with Pedro - many issues solved
        + non-continuous charts request
    + much input from others too
    + concern about removing functionality - but acceptable if it is possible to tweak it a differen way / later
* Next Friday's design session (Jay)
    + 12pm UTC
    + Continue with last friday's insert chart discussion as it hasnt been completed
    + List of possible future topics
    + Topic: Style guide - continued
        + like, where we want to rely on other guidelines, and what we want to design / decide
 * UX advise bugs in bugzilla (Stuart) (340 bugs in ux-advice today)
    + everyone please feel empowered to look at that + act: reject, implement, decide, or bring to
      the meeting or mailing list if controversial
    + please be kind when closing requests, usually people have spent quite some energy filing that
    + Jay will go through the ux-advise bugs he has added (Jay)
    + to decrease the backlog, we should take ~5 easy to decide bugs to every meeting, and deal with them (Stuart)
AI      + the next meeting, let's try it - select few that are easy to deal with (Stuart)
        + might be good to track it in a doc (Jay)
            + pad might be enough - let's start with this in the pad for now (Kendy)
        + and for grouping, we can use meta-bug (Stuart/Kendy)
AI      + will parse the list and generate entries to the Design Pad--tdf# and title--and when added include
          in a BZ Meta (but put it in UI component) (Stuart)