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    Dec 04, 2015; 6:52am, Jan Holesovsky-4 
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-11-27
    * Present: Stuart, Heiko, Kendy
    * UI changes integrated since Wednesday:
        + Add padding between style render and context button (Jay)
    * Area Tab design session (Heiko/Jay)
        + Area Tab -

            + not published yet
        + draft now in the blog, please check it
    * Bug discussions
        + discussed, and acted on:
    * Help updating (Kendy)
        + some problems with help - blank screen etc. (Stuart)
            + will report a bug (Stuart)
    * Icon Updates / Issues (Jay)
        + icons for slide transitions needed (Kendy)
            + Jay and Andreas working ot this (Kendy)
        + Paulo proposed new mimetype icons (Heiko)
            + nice stuff (Stuart)
            + looks good, positive feedback on the ML (Kendy)
            + could have a better contrast for the Draw icon (Heiko)
            + up to Andreas + Jay to merge if it fits their plan (Kendy)