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Dec 18, 2015; 6:15am, Jan Holesovsky-4 
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-12-04

* Present: Heiko, Kendy, Michel, Samuel, Stuart, Tomaž
* UI changes integrated the last week:

    + Controller to show toolbar content as menu (Maxim)
    + Edit points toolbar (Jay)
    + Save Remote only when available (Maxim)
    + Transition icons for Impress (Andreas)

* Suggestions from Roland (Samuel)


    + mostly general ideas (Samuel)
    + might be good to point Roland to the .ui files, so that he can do improvements etc. (Kendy)
        + will mail him & point to the calc sidebar .ui files, so that he can play with that (Samuel)

* Area Tab design session (Heiko/Jay)

    + Area Tab -
        + not published yet

    + draft finished, but Jay not that happy with the content (Heiko)
        + what to do to unblock? :-)
        + we should share it at least in the current state, to get feedback, and be able to iterate (Heiko)
        + unfortunately cannot see Jay recently (Kendy)

    + let's wait with the Area Tab blog post for now, Jay had some concerns (Kendy)
        + let's publish the Table Style blog post now instead (Kendy)

* Evaluation of what the users need (Michel)

    + what use cases are we targeting (Michel)
        + we have personas in the HIG (Kendy)
    + would be good to prototype + test (Michel)
        + prefer doing the LibreOffice code directly - so that it is exactly what can be done (Kendy)
        + but if you know of a tool that can do it more easily, please do tell us (Kendy)

    + in the case of the Area Tab, it is only about re-arranging the existing dialog (Heiko)
        + not necessary to have user stories there, but useful for new designs (Heiko)
        + interesting to have user stories even when re-designing (Michel)

* Bug discussions

    + discussed, and acted on:

* NotebookBar (ToolSpace?) (Samuel)


    + current focus: loading the toolbars from glade (.ui) instead of .xcu files

    + keep in mind the HIG (Heiko)
        + mentions some future enhancements of toolbars that might be helpful here (Heiko)
            + eg. grouping
                + possible with Notebookbar
                + eg.!/example/toolbar/toolbars.html ?

    + Will have  a friday session on NotebookBar topic on Fr 04th of Dec
        + Please have a look at the following links until then:

    + the patch was reverted in master, will re-introduce that (Kendy)
        + considering a rename to 'ToolSpace' when at that; let's see (Kendy)
        + current plan: do more technical ground work there, so that the rest is up to
          concrete design of .ui files via glade (Kendy)
        + then many paths are possible, eg:
            + but we want this to be an "implementation detail" - whatever is in .ui files (Kendy)

* Icon Updates / Issues (Jay)

    + Andreas provided the icons for transitions
        + many thanks! :-) (Kendy)

    + Paulo proposed new mimetype icons (Heiko)
        + nice stuff (Stuart)

        + looks good, positive feedback on the ML (Kendy)
        + could have a better contrast for the Draw icon (Heiko)
        + up to Andreas + Jay to merge if it fits their plan (Kendy)