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    Jan 29, 2016; 6:21am Jan Holesovsky-4
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-01-22
    * Present: Tomaz, Stuart, Jan-Marek, Heiko, Jay, Samuel
    * UI changes integrated since the last meeting:
        + Disable increase/decrease indent in R/O documents (Oliver)
        + Make TabBarVisible configuration persistent (Philippe)
        + More useful function suggestion system in formula editing (Keigo)
        + Writer context menu converted to xml descriptions (Maxim)
        + Propagate the selected slides in the print dialog (David)
        + Show autofilter row count in status bar (Dennis)
        + Show macOS version in the About dialog (Douglas)
    * An alternative print range selection algorithm (Jan-Marek)
        + jmux introduced the use case and the issues
        + patch is available in gerrit and usability needs to get tested

            + added Tomaz and Samuel to gerrit
    AI:     + Jan-Marek will push to master and Stuart will test
    * Blog post about menu changes
        + Draft at
        + Publish: Yes (all)
    * Save button behavior (Samuel)
        + implemented now
            + thanks so much Maxim!
        + is in RC2 now (Samuel)
            + new icon is available for Breeze, Tango, Sifr, Galaxy (thanks to Andreas & Adolfo!) (Samuel)
            + minor issue with the new toolbar item
        + Separate UNO command for Save Split button (Jay)
            + alternatively have just the menu item disabled (Samuel: difficult/not possible to do)
            + no need to show the document status in the menu; indication is clear from toolbar, statusbar, and the app title (Samuel, Stuart)
                + an active save button in the toolbar doesn't show status (Jay)