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Mar 18, 2016; 7:57am Jan Holesovsky-4
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-03-11

* Present: Jakub, Jay, Kendy, Tomaz

* UI changes integrated the last week:

    + Improvements in menus and shortcuts (Jay)
    + Updates in Sifr (Jay)
    + Popup menu improvements (Maxim)
    + Icon view for Remote files dialog (Szymon)
    + More animation information in list control (Akshay)

* Google and OneDrive CMIS functionality (Jay)

        + we are promoting this functionality with the new 'Remote Files' dialog
          but as it doesnt function right, many duplicate bugs are just being filed and closed.
        + google drive -
        + onedrive -
        + send in patch to hide OneDrive -

    + Will discuss this in the ESC (Kendy)

* Single Toolbar Mode (Jay/Samuel)


    + The idea was to have choice, not the default - right? (Kendy)
        + Yes, possibility to have only one row for the users that prefer such layout (Jay)
        + Created the xml file, hope to have a developer to switch easily (Jay)

* Mac version with single color (Jay)

    * All icon themes look clearer on a plain white/light background similar to LibreOffice Vanilla 

    + The reason for the white is technical - cannot use the API in the sandboxed app (Kendy)
    + Actually in the newer macOS, the look changed, but LibreOffice still uses the old look (Jay)

    + We try to look as a native application (Kendy)
        + But we don’t have to (Jay)
        + The easiest would be to do a uniform color (Jay)
    + Would be good to add screenshots of some contemporary macOS apps, to mimic the look better (Kendy)
        + Will ask Steve (Jay)
        + iWork - / / 
        + WPD Reader - 

* Help/Documentation (Jay)

    + Writer's Insert menu completed
        + Awesome! (Kendy)

* Scripts to convert .xhp help to html (Jay)

    + Help test servers needed -
        * PHP script created to render the help repo similar to Olivier's
        * Want to integrate Liongold's PHP script of my proposal for online xhp testing, else i'll have to recreate it
    + Helper script to test help files in help viewer - (needs to be pushed)
    + logerrit needed for help repo -

    + proposed to tender the editing of xhp's if struggle to get it via the community (Kendy)

    + Would be great to have the code in a repository (Kendy)
        + help or dev-tools or website repo ideally (Kendy)
        + Will publish that (Jay)
        + Will poke the admins for the VM again (Kendy)

* Insert bookmark window (Jakub)

    + Screenshot - 
    + Unable to change bookmark name (Jakub)
        + Should that be changed to allow that? (Jakub)
        + Would be good (Jay)

    + Will push changes to gerrit soon (Jakub)