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    Jul 22, 2016; 9:31am Heiko Tietze-2
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Jul-22
    Date:     2016-July-22
    Present:  Olivier, Jay, Heiko, Akshay, Regina, Rishabh, Susobhan, Tomaz, Unknown, Samuel, bubli
    Easy hacks and extensions
      - nothing new
    Google Summer of Code
      * Template Manager (Akshay/Samuel)
            + Emoji continued
            + Start center filter will be added this weekend
      * Area Fill (Rishabh/Heiko)
           + Decision on how to implement User colors vs. Recent colors
             + Option 1: Replacement of Recent colors
                + No user.soc in dropdown, only below the color grid
                + Manipulation (delete) at Tool > Options > Color
                + Limited to 12 items, or so
                + Workflow using recent colors could deal with Document colors
             + Option 2: Additional palette
                + User.soc as own palette
                + Manipulation in Area dialog
                + Tools > Options > Color would be obsolete
                + Recent colors remain (bugs need to get fixed)
             -> Fix Recent Colors first (bubli, jay)
             -> Go with Option 2 (Heiko, jay)
             + Double check View > Toolbars > Color bar so that the currently active palette is shown there (Regina)
      * Sidebar Improvements (Susobhan)
          + Media Playback Panel: Patch up here (scheduler not working) -
            - Media Control Toolbar is already buggy (controls malfunction)
            - Tested in 4.4 and it was working and broken in 5.0 (Jay)
            - Needs more testing and looking for experts
       * Notebookbar (Szymon, Kendy, Samuel)
            + Several issues solved (empty tabs, window resizing etc.)
    Enhancements and proposals
        + New entries in Help menus for better link between users and documentation (Olivier)
            + Great idea (heiko, jay)
            + Have also social media in this menu? No, because this list would not have an end (jay)
            + Localization issues are being fixed (bubli)
            + Disable Download Offline Help when it is found on the local system (jay)
            + Consider to rename "The Book of LibreOffice" into something like "User Guide"
            + Add a link to the extensions/templates page