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Mar 02, 2017; 6:21am Heiko Tietze-2
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Mar-02
Present: Thibaut, Heiko, Tomaz, Jay

* Default set of table styles
   + at best create a spreadsheet and ask folks on the ML to vote for proposals and add own (Jay)
   + rather decide on our own and present the result for opt-out (Heiko)
   => Ask again on the ML for input, and one week later or so about what table style users like most (Heiko)

 * Minimum screen size
   + menu does not fit into 1366x768
   + - still shows 1024x768
   + Toolbars HIG defines 1280px minimum width so why not require a min height (Heiko)
   + in other countries users may have older hardware with even lower resolution (Thibaut)
   + WXGA 1280x768 would be the best choice based on usage data (Jay)
   + Add minimum height of 768px to menu HIG (Heiko)

 * Color picker
   + have labels?
     + WONTFIX because color picker floating widget is not for showing additional info (Heiko)
     + selected color might be out of current view in the widget when reopening (Jay)
       + have GIMP as prototype and show old and new color (Thibaut)
       + issue is that selected items requires to scroll to the selection (Heiko)
     + label is only available in the tooltip, but would be required for selection by name,
       e.g. on different hardware (Jay)
       + adding labels (or any control) makes the widget more complex (Heiko)
       + have the currently selected color at the tooltip of the color picker itself,
         e.g. Font Color -> Font Color (Red) (Jay)
       + no concerns with this solution