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Play with the design of LibreOffice's start center. You might want to use this SVG file to craft your design. The Start Center's look comprises of three images, as seen below and as represented by three layers in this SVG. Be sure to submit your design in those three parts as well, as seen in the first set of three proposed designs below.

If you want your design to be considered for the 3.6 version, please add it here before June 29, 0:00 GMT. Also, please submit your final PNG (which will be used by LibreOffice) and your source SVG (which we need to be license-compliant, and also in case any small corrections have to be made).

By submitting a proposal, you agree to license it under a dual LGPLv3 (or later)/MPL license.


In Scope Out of Scope
  • Change the background of the Start Center
  • Design for official TDF LibreOffice builds, community builds, or both
  • Alpha transparency
  • Reposition any buttons on the Start Center
  • Change the size of the Start Center
  • Use the LibreOffice logo in a way that goes against our guidelines
  • Restyle the progress indicator (changing its colours is okay, though – but please don't introduce gradients or a different layout; see below)