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To continually improve our Tango theme (at least until a new theme is ready for inclusion) ... the following icons were added to replace some icons that were imported from either the Industrial or the Galaxy theme when building.

All of these icons are already included in nightly builds of LibreOffice 3.6.

List of Icons

Formula input

These icons can be seen in:

  • Calc: formula input line
  • Writer: formula input line[1]
Files Industrial Tango Comments
16x16 24x24 32x32 16x16 24x24 32x32
  • sc/imglst/[sl]c26047.png
  • sw/imglst/[sl]c20556.png
Industrial icon sc26047.png Industrial icon lc26047.png Tango Sc26047.png Tango lc27046.png
  • sc/imglst/[sl]c26048.png
Sc26048.png Ind Lc26048.png Tango Sc26048.png Tango Lc26048.png
  • sc/imglst/[sl]c26049.png
Ind Sc26049.png Ind Lc26049.png Tango Sc26049.png Tango Lc26049.png
  • sc/imglst/[sl]c26050.png
  • sw/imglist/[sl]c20557.png
Ind Sc26050.png Ind Lc26050.png Tango Sc26050.png Tango Lc26050.png
  • sc/imglst/[sl]c26051.png
  • sw/imglist/[sl]c20558.png
  • avmedia/res/av02053.png
  • avmedia/res/avl02053.png
Ind Sc26051.png Ind Lc26051.png Tango Sc26051.png Tango Lc26051.png


These icons can be seen in the extension manager.

Files Galaxy Tango Comments
16x16 26x26 32x32 16x16 24x24 32x32
  • desktop/res/caution_16.png
Glx Caution 16.png Tango Caution 16.png
  • desktop/res/extension_(16|32).png
  • res/extension_plus_(26|32).png
  • res/[sl]x03256.png
  • res/puzzleslice_16.png
Glx Extension 16.png Glx Lx03256.png Glx Extension 32.png Tango Extension 16.png Tango Lx03256.png Extension 32.png
  • desktop/info_16.png
Glx Info 16.png Tango Info 16.png
  • desktop/res/lock_16.png
Glx Lock 16.png Tango Lock 16.png
  • desktop/res/shared_16.png
Glx Shared 16.png Shared 16.png

Writer Toolbar

These icons can be added to toolbars of Writer. The ¶ (non-printing characters) icon is visible by default in the Standard toolbar of Writer.

Files Industrial Tango Comments
16x16 24x24 32x32 16x16 24x24 32x32
  • cmd/[sl]c_controlcodes.png
Ind Sc controlcodes.png Ind Lc controlcodes.png Tango Sc controlcodes.png Tango Lc controlcodes.png
  • cmd/[sl]c_strikeout.png
Ind Sc strikeout.png Ind Lc strikeout.png Tango Sc strikeout.png Tango Lc strikeout.png

Start Center

These icons can be in the Start Center. The Open File image is also part of the Standard toolbar of all applications.

Files Galaxy Tango Comments
16x16 22x22 32x32 16x16 24x24 32x32
  • framework/res/addtemplate_32.png
Glx Addtemplate 32.png Tango Addtemplate 32.png
  • framework/res/arrow.png
Glx Arrow.png Tango Arrow.png
  • framework/res/extension.png
Glx Extension.png Tango Extension.png
  • framework/res/folder_32.png
  • [sl]c_open.png
Tngold Sc open.png[3] Tngold Lc open.png[4] Glx Folder 32.png Tango Sc open.png Tango Lc open.png Folder 32.png
  • old Tango Open File icon is relatively dull, thus the decision to replace it
  • replacement not quite ready for prime time, especially at smaller sizes: should most likely be replaced by artwork from PD Tango artwork or from newer Tango theme (as proposed by Cédric Bosdonnat)
  • many similar icons not yet replaced and not yet worked on
  • by Alexander Wilms/Astron
  • commit: d6d05e6685b62b6c17644530a541edacce38f4f6
  • framework/res/info_26.png
Glx Info 26.png Tango Info 26.png
  • framework/res/templates_32.png
Glx Templates 32.png Tango Templates 32.png

Media Player

These icons are visible in the embedded media player and the accompanying media toolbar in all applications. Due to a tdf#44527 in LibreOffice, the larger icons are never used, though.

Files Galaxy Tango Comments
16x16 26x26 32x32 16x16 24x24 32x32
  • avmedia/res/av02049.png
  • avmedia/res/avl02049.png
Glx Av02049.png Glx Avl02049.png Tango Av02049.png Tango Avl02049.png
  • avmedia/res/av02050.png
  • avmedia/res/avl02050.png
Glx Av02050.png Glx Avl02050.png Tango Av02050.png Tango Avl02050.png
  • avmedia/res/av02051.png
  • avmedia/res/avl02051.png
Glx Av02051.png Glx Avl02051.png GeoGebra icon media playback stop.png Tango Avl02051.png
  • avmedia/res/av02052.png
  • avmedia/res/avl02052.png
Glx Av02052.png Glx Avl02052.png Tango Av02052.png Tango Avl02052.png
  • avmedia/res/av02054.png
  • avmedia/res/avl02054.png
Glx Av02054.png Glx Avl02054.png Tango Av02054.png Tango Avl02054.png


  1. Add a table, then click Sum symbol in the Table toolbar
  3. This is not a Galaxy icon – instead it is a Tango icon from the original Ooo theme.
  4. This is not a Galaxy icon – instead it is a Tango icon from the original Ooo theme. It has a size of 24x24px, not 22x22px.