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Here are the Design Goals and Tenets for the LibreOffice suite. Please note that these are still being refined and are subject to (possibly drastic) change.

The Goals

This is what any LibreOffice UI redesign should strive to achieve.

  • Make LibreOffice easy to use while retaining its power.
  • Lead current trends in technology, don't just follow. In other words, be the best UI out there.
  • Help people to be more efficient.
  • Don't forget actual users for possible future ones.
  • Let people have fun!

The Tenets

This is how we should go about making the above goals a reality.

  • Allow users to focus on the content, not the UI.
  • Everything should be accessible within 3 clicks, not just the 'most common' features.
  • Consistent UI areas (not features) across all individual 'apps'.
  • Value context over comprehensiveness.