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    Allow the user to specify color patterns for tables using the formatting window.


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    • Allow the customization of color patterns. Remove old functionality with predefined colors
    • There should be a simple preview, maybe one should be able to name a pattern


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    • LibreOffice Design List


    • Frank: An accountant who wants to make his spreadsheets or tables more readable. He needs to create specific coloring patterns
    • Alicia: A student who simply wants an appealing document. She doesn't want to spend much time on formatting


    Proposal by Alexander Wilms



    There are two dialogues which should have this feature. The 'table options' and the dialogue which one opens via the styles and formatting window. On the 'background' tab, the user should be able to either define a background image, a solid color or a pattern which can be customized.

    The color picker should be the same as this one: Design/Whiteboards/Color picker Since the suggested color picker doesn't exist yet, the old implementation should be used.

    The "AutoFormat" feature would be obsolete and should be removed.


    The user can specify whether the pattern should consist of alternating columns or rows and set the colors for odd and even ones. Additionally, one can specify to highlight the top & bottom row and first & last column.

    It still has to be determined if there should be the option to customize the pattern even more, e.g. having a pattern like green-white-white and specify colors for the highlighted rows/columns.

    Application Specific Use

    The same functionality could be shown in the sidebar of Impress, similar to the current implementation.

    Open Points

    • What about the table content? The should also be an option to use alternating fonts, font colors etc.