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    Make page-related actions more accessible.


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    • Touch input
    • Modify menus

    Definition of Terms

    • Page group: A group of pages demarked by page brakes (or the beginning/end of the document).


    • C. J.: Tablet user. Needs a way to access page actions using touch.


    Proposal by Mirek2



    Page selection

    Selecting a page group triggers the page mode and the page toolbar. The page could be selected by clicking a) on the page handle, b) within the margins of the page. The page handle is shown as a large page number to the left of a page. The number is horizontally aligned to the right and is resized with zoom.

    Page toolbar

    A toolbar with these actions:

    • Page styles
    • Layout
    • Numbering
      • A menu with an entry box for page number and some numbering format options below ("1, 2, 3, ...", "A, B, C, ..." "a, b, c, ...", "I, II, III, ...", and "i, ii, iii, ...").
    • Format
      • A menu with entry boxes for width and height up top and a list of common formats (found in the formatting dialog; e.g. Letter, A4, A3, ...) underneath.
    • Switch orientation
    • Columns
      • A pop-up with an entry box for the number of columns and a gallery of the five common layouts.
    • Footnote format
    • Register-true
      • Provides an "Off" option (that's the default choice), then a list of styles.
    • Background color
    • Borders
    Page mode

    An overlay over the page that would allow the user to set values by for the page's margins by either typing or dragging. If the values are out of print range, an info bar stating "The value(s) for the [right/left/bottom/top] margin(s) is/are out of print range. Would you like to adjust them to fit within the print range?"), an "Adjust to print range" button, and a "Cancel" button. It would also allow the user to add a header or a footer.