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    To compliment the user documentation, it would be great to have videos online that are produced in a professional fashion. Professional meaning in a standard, recognizable, and high quality format.

    There are several hundred at this point, which is good. Better is when a user finds a video where they feel comfortable watching, because they know what to expect (IMHO). It is kind of like the way people read only books from certain authors, they have come to feel familiar with them.

    Project Team

    Team Position Contact
    Project Lead Shawn Beasley



    These videos are 10-15 minutes in length and include lots of elements from video to flash, animations, and serve introducing Libreoffice to those who do not know of it, or to introduce new versions.

    Training Videos

    Take sections of the manual and break them down into smaller pieces for training videos. The videos are 5-7 minutes in length. This is important, because we do not want to loose the attention of the user.

    Accompaniment to Handbook

    This set are short videos from 3-5 minutes about things discussed in the handbook like "Working with text" in the Getting Started With Writer chapter.

    60 (optional 100) second videos

    This set of videos will pick up one-shto answers found often in the mailing list, or just general knowledge that may not be covered in, or fit into, the handbook.


    • Conceptual Design
      • Whiteboard/Story Board
      • Specification for integration/delivery to on/off-line help
        • Choice of delivery
      • Release Process
      • Production Process
      • Intra-Team co-operation aspects
        • Developers
        • Documentation
        • Design
    • Required Collateral (Design/Acquisition)
      • Graphics
      • Music
      • Flash (possibly)
    • Infrastructure Provisioning (depends upon delivery specs)