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Create icon sets to use with the Icon Sets feature of Conditional Formatting.


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In Scope Out of Scope
  • Create the necessary icon sets to reach parity with MS Office 2010
  • Create extra icon sets that convey positive/negative or improving/worsening status (as many as make sense)
  • Use 16*16 pixel size (creating larger images might make sense too, but at first we need 16*16 pixel images)
  • Use the Tango colors (must) and style (where applicable)
  • Create any other icons (e.g. toolbar icons)



Proposal by Astron

PNG version of the image

SVG sprite containing all icons for parity with MSO

Sets contained in this sprite:

  • Circles 1 (colourful) [4 icons]
  • Triangles [3 icons]
  • Symbols 1 (enclosed in a coloured circle) [3 icons]
  • Symbols 2 (without circle) [3 icons]
  • Pies [5 icons]
  • Arrows 1 (coloured) [5 icons]
  • Arrows 2 (grey) [5 icons]
  • Bars [5 icons]
  • Squares [5 icons]
  • Traffic lights [3 icons]
  • Circles 2 (red and grey) [4 icons]
  • Shapes (diamond, triangle, circle) [3 icons]
  • Flags [3 icons]
  • Stars [3 icons]

Proposal by ThierryM (based on Astron's Work)

PNG version of the image
SVG sprite containing 2 icons sets for LOMER evaluation

  • Rounds for Lomer evaluation [4 icons]
  • Beveled squares [4 icons] : better visibility

Proposal by GerryT (based on Zorro's Work)

Smilies as icon set for conditional formatting, see tdf#60107

PNG version of the image
SVG Smilies for conditional formatting

PNG version of the image
Smilies for conditional formatting with three different colours

Relevant Art