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Official LibreOffice Conference Logo 2011

This is the logo recommended as official reference to the First LibreOffice Conference at Paris, France, October 12 to 15, 2011:

LibO Conference Logo 2011Paris color.png

It has been created by Nikash Singh, a full set of graphical resources can be found here.

As it contains the official community logo, it's usage is restricted following the same rules as the main logo.

This includes the TradeMark Policy, Logo Usage Policy and Branding Guidelines.

... or see the dedicated marketing page Marketing/SpecialEvents/LibreOffice Conference 2011 Paris

Request by Charles Schulz

Hello Design Team, as you know we will have our first LibreOffice conference in October 2011 in Paris. Do you think it would be possible to design a logo for the event? We may have either one specific logo, or a generic logo for all the future LibreOffice conference with only the name of the location changing or slightly amended graphically.

Mail to the design list as reference.


Bernhard Dippold:

"I think it would be good for our branding, if we had a generic logo dedicated to all LibreOffice conferences with some modifiable parts: The main visual should stay the LibreOffice logo (with TDF subline as official community event).

The name of the location is necessary.

I'd like to see the number in the line of LibreOffice conferences too, but this might mean that we have to localize the logo (1st / 1ere / 1ste)...

Additionally I think of a constant visual element for all conferences as well as an area for a dedicated graphic for the specific event."

see whole email

Fitoschido: Please use Vegur for the typesetting. Helvetica looks pretty outdated and old, and it’s not consistent with the rest of LibO’s branding.


Until UTC 0:00 on Monday, 30th of May the Design Team will vote for an official conference logo out of these proposals.

Please everybody in the Design Team add your name to the last column of your favorite design. You can add your thoughts in the "Comments" area, but I'd prefer to read them on the mailing list, because the table would loose it's compact design otherwise.

The team members preferred to vote on the list. Here is the result.







01 Tobias Bernard
Conference paris 11 PNG.png
622 x 509 see whole email
02 Bernhard Dippold
LibOCon logo2.png
584 x 252 see whole email
03 Nikash SINGH
ConferenceLogo 2011Paris-01.png
842 x 596 no Email linked

Batch of EPS/PNG/SVG logo files
A desktop wallpaper using this logo (inverted)
A second desktop wallpaper using this logo (colour)

04 Nikash SINGH ConferenceLogo2011Paris thumb.png no Email linked

Batch of EPS/PNG/SVG logo files
A desktop wallpaper using this logo (inverted)
A second desktop wallpaper using this logo (colour)

05 k-j

ConferenceLogo k-j.png

683 x 156 take Niks logo and added the motif and changed some little things
06 Helio
Logo LiO Conf.png
759 x 376
07 Tobias Bernard LibreOffice conference logo.png 730 x 354 (First proposal)
see whole email
08 k-j

ConferenceLogo k-j2.png

683 x 156 Composition of Bernhards, Niks and mine,

really out of time so I don't know if you can vote of.