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Improve upon the design of LibreOffice Impress Remote.


Analysis Call for Proposals Shaping Tentative Design Blueprint Implemented


In Scope Out of Scope
  • In-app tutorials
  • Better connection UI
  • Native widgets

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Proposal by Ming



This proposal is intended to follow Android design guidelines as known as “Holo” style. It also solves lack of in-app tutorials and connection confusions. The mail goal is to make the application intuitive, well-designed, easy to use and to make it a part of Android ecosystem.

The main flow remains the same: choose a computer → pair with a computer → show a presentation.

  • Choose a computer. It is a single screen with two tabs. Computers with Bluetooth and WiFi should be recognized automatically, WiFi ones can be added manually as well, so there will be a “plus” button when choosing a WiFi tab. If there are no computers, for example, at the WiFi tab, there will be a sign which will suggest to enable WiFi or read instructions, which will be clickable of course.
  • Pair with a computer. The pairing process will show useful information if there will be any troubles. There will be a refresh button as well which will give a way to connect again. User will have simple and informative instructions about actual pairing via codes as well.
  • Show a presentation. It is a single screen as well, where user can swipe slides or choose a slide using a grid view accessible via an action bar button. Other functions will be hidden at the overflow menu probably because it is always better to place the most used functions in the action bar and other ones to the overflow. The current implementation has timer function and I think it is better to put it to notifications, just like music players do.

As you see these steps will solve some problems of the current implementation.

  • At moment if user has not read Google Play description he will not know what to do. This proposal shows instructions everywhere needed as a simple and informative text.
  • The current implementation enables Bluetooth on its own and does not disable it on exit. It is bad for a battery life of course. The next version will require user to do this step. It is possible to put this step into preferences (activate and deactivate Bluetooth automatically).
  • If a host computer has been added it cannot be edited because the current implementation has no visual selection indicator for computers in lists. As you see the next version will have native Android lists.
  • The coverflow widget is originally iOS-related. The next version will use native Android ViewPager widget.

Proposal by Astron



Proposal by Enervation



"<icon>" represents the LibreOffice Impress Remote icon. "<ao>" represents the action overflow icon.

This design is basically modifying Ming's above. This design has an "Add computer" screen, so that troubleshooting why a computer isn't appearing in "Choose computer" (which, for example, might be because the computer doesn't have Bluetooth activated) doesn't require there to be no computers available.

This picture shows the approximate hierarchy. In this picture, "up" means the Up caret in the action bar. LibreOffice Impress Remote Flowchart.png

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