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Design T shirts for LibreOffice to use in 2013. Deadline: December 21, 2012


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  • Create a T shirt design to promote LibreOffice in 2013, e.g. at conferences
  • Make sure to use as few print colors as necessary, ideally one or two
    • Four-color prints are expensive and often of lesser quality
  • Use the official LibreOffice logo and color palette
  • Use the SVG template below to demonstrate how your design would work on a shirt
  • Create T shirts for specific events (e.g. FOSDEM)

T Shirt Template

Download SVG shirt template

How to work with the template

  1. download and open it with Inkscape
  2. (optional) set the shirt color:
    1. open the Layers dock-window via Layer > Layers...
    2. within the list on the right, choose the "Shirt color" layer
    3. click on the only object in this layer and give it a new color
  3. create a new layer for your design:
    1. open the Layers dock-window via Layer > Layers... (if it isn't already open)
    2. click the "+" button and give the new layer a name like "Design"
    3. make sure your layers it at the top of the list, otherwise it might not be visible
  4. design!


"Wet Paint" by Astron

SVG source

"Texty" by Medieval

SVG source

"Get involved" by K-j (talk)

Inspired by User:See#T-shirts: LibreOffice T-shirt design