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    Design T shirts to hand out to the participants of the LibreOffice US Hackfest 2014. Deadline: July 11, 2014

    T Shirt Template

    Click here to Download the SVG shirt template


    How to work with the template

    1. download and open it with Inkscape
    2. (optional) set the shirt color:
      1. open the Layers dock-window via Layer > Layers...
      2. within the list on the right, choose the "Shirt color" layer
      3. click on the only object in this layer and give it a new color
    3. create a new layer for your design:
      1. open the Layers dock-window via Layer > Layers... (if it isn't already open)
      2. click the "+" button and give the new layer a name like "Design"
      3. make sure your layers it at the top of the list, otherwise it might not be visible
    4. design!


    (Example) "Get involved" by K-j (talk)

    Inspired by User:See#T-shirts: LibreOffice T-shirt design