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    Find a better toolbar layout for LibreOffice modules.


    Call for Proposals Analyzing Proposals Shaping Tentative Design Implementation in Progress Implemented


    In Scope Out of Scope
    • Reposition current toolbars
    • Hide/show buttons in current toolbars
    • Move commands between toolbars


    Design List


    Proposal by Mirek2


    Toolbar Properties

    Dynamic Toolbar Size

    Toolbars should resize dynamically, so that space is divided up evenly across toolbars on the same row.

    Hidden Items Menu (HIM)

    There should be a flag for each toolbar to include a menu at its end with the commands marked as "hidden".

    Possible Refinements

    While not necessary for the first milestone, it would be nice if toolbar items accessed from the "Hidden Items" menu could have the same kind of functionality as within the toolbar (split buttons, submenus, popovers, and shortcut labels).

    Command Reorganization

    Standard Toolbar

    In each of the modules, the Standard toolbar should have the "Hidden Items Menu" flag on and should show only Save, Undo, and Redo by default. It should appear to the right of the Text toolbar.

    The reasoning behind this is to streamline the current toolbars, get the non-contextual commands out of the way (similarly to Office's File menu or Android/elementary/Chrome's action overflow/AppMenu/Tools menu), and to move toward a UI not dependent on a menu bar.

    Text Toolbar

    The Formatting toolbar should be renamed to the "Text toolbar" and its scope should be expanded to text in general, not just formatting, just like the other contextual toolbars. "Sort Ascending", "Sort Descending", and "Edit Hyperlink" buttons should be added to this toolbar.

    Drawing Toolbar

    Given that the Drawing toolbar already includes Insert image, it makes sense to expand its scope a little and provide easy access to insertion commands. "Paste", "Draw Table" and "Insert" should be added to the beginning of this toolbar, with "Insert image" moved right after "Paste", so that these insertion commands are in the same group. "Fontwork Gallery" should be hidden by default.

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