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Design a pithy idea workflow.


Analysis Call for Proposals Shaping Tentative Design Blueprint Implemented


In Scope Out of Scope
  • Easy to browse through
  • Terse phrases
  • Space for multiple proposals
  • Development tracking

Relevant Bugs

Definition of Terms

  • Whiteboard: A wiki page for the purpose of developing a design idea into a full-blown specification.
  • Scope: A list of qualities the final design should have. The scope should be broad enough to restrict proposals as little as possible.
  • Bug: A software flaw that produces an incorrect or unexpected result.
  • Persona: A made-up person who represents our common user. The way he uses LibreOffice helps shape the way we design our feature.



Proposal by Mirek2



Read mode

In this mode, the whiteboard can be read by anyone.

Edit mode

In this mode, the whiteboard can be edited in wiki markup by signed-in users.

Proposal by Monica



Adding proposals

Each designer should be able to add his proposal under the "Proposals" category.

Relevant Art