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Easy Hacks requiring C++ Skills

These lists contain the bugs with Keyword "skillCpp".

Skill Level: Beginner

This list contains the bugs with Keyword "difficultyBeginner" and "skillCpp".

[Bug 38844] Reduce XOR rendering
[Bug 39468] translate German comments, removing redundant ones
[Bug 39593] copy/paste code detector / fixing
[Bug 39596] use the CLang++ static analyser to find bugs
[Bug 39625] make sal/qa/systools/test_comtools.cxx work (Windows only) ....
[Bug 39749] calc unit test writing
[Bug 40469] Modifed Frame Style Options Not Preserved, "Keep Ratio" Option Unavailable
[Bug 42982] improve UNO API error reporting
[Bug 44580] share autocorrect replacement table for misc. language subgroups
[Bug 45735] Automatic check at start-up whether LO is default program for ODF-file formats
[Bug 45904] move java based api tests to c++
[Bug 47320] DrMemory windows warning cleanup ...
[Bug 48140] Remove uno calls from xlsx import
[Bug 53534] shlxthdl_x64.dll/shlxthdl.dll cannot handle Flat ODF
[Bug 54938] Adapt supportsService implementations to cppu::supportsService
[Bug 65209] FILEOPEN: MS Word document properties creation times etc. time zones not preserved/displayed
[Bug 67465] EPS rendering: locating pstoedit on Mac a problem
[Bug 70448] Write more unittests for regression hotspots
[Bug 70625] Add --cat parameter to make git diffs pretty
[Bug 71043] Use STACK lint tool to clean code ...
[Bug 74424] Start to decouple Window from OutputDevice
[Bug 74702] Remove enum OutDevType from OutputDevice
[Bug 75280] Convert inappropriate use of sal_uIntPtr to better integer types
[Bug 80798] cleanup debug methods
[Bug 80907] avoid unnecessary allocations in OpenXML import filter
[Bug 82579] get rid of premac.h / postmac.h wrapper headers
[Bug 82580] get rid of prewin.h / postwin.h wrapper headers
[Bug 84098] kill copy+paste in VBA tests ...
[Bug 84323] sal - add sane sleep interface: cleanup osl_waitThread
[Bug 86190] use GLM library instead of basegfx
[Bug 86249] clean VirtualDevice constructor ...
[Bug 86941] add more conditional formatting unit tests
[Bug 88116] OS X: reduce cut/paste coding
[Bug 88205] Adapt uses of css::uno::Sequence to use initializer_list ctor
[Bug 88815] simplify service declarations
[Bug 91222] VclBuilder constructor cleanup ...
[Bug 91367] replace ApiTokenSequence and UNO formulas in OOXML calc import
[Bug 91480] allow to build shared libraries in bundled projects on Windows
[Bug 92529] config written during startup ...
[Bug 92893] replace UNO in table import
[Bug 95845] Use CommandInfoProvider to receive UNO command labels/tooltips
[Bug 96099] Reduce number of typedefs used for trivial container types
[Bug 96505] Get rid of cargo cult "long" integer literals
[Bug 97087] Timers and idles should have programmer comprehensible, unique names
[Bug 97228] Split up include files in include/vcl where possible into separate public and internal parts
[Bug 97356] implement fallback export of Math object in PPTX
[Bug 97667] add xml dump methods for calc pool items
[Bug 98705] Reduce starting time on Windows by removing GetCaseCorrectPathName usage
[Bug 100726] Improve readability of OUString/OString concatenations
[Bug 107792] Introduce reference counting for GDI handles
[Bug 112010] Split sw ooxmlexport tests to meaningfull parts
[Bug 115453] Confusion on the Impress Views Tab Bar: UI
[Bug 114441] Convert use of sal_uLong to better integer types
[Bug 87995] settings : missing a checkbox in order to avoid thumbnail saving
[Bug 88796] Enhancement - Mysql native connector extension - add automatic reconnect to server capability in connector code after idle timeout

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Skill Level: Interesting

This list contains the bugs with Keyword "difficultyInteresting" and "skillCpp".

[Bug 55066] FILEOPEN: flaws in importing 123 files
[Bug 101220] Fonts subset into PDF are not being used to render PDF to canvas, receive questionable fallback replacement
[Bug 32506] Find & Replace for Base
[Bug 34965] Make Impress slides editable during presentation
[Bug 38809] Analyse/Improve Structure and Cache efficiency with DHAT/valgrind
[Bug 38812] PackageKit / Help integration
[Bug 38885] Remove CreateTextFromNode methods
[Bug 38889] Make macro editing easier
[Bug 42075] Add a scan-button to the "select scanner"-dialog
[Bug 42949] accelerating compile times by removing unnecessary header #include
[Bug 43059] apply sixgill static analyser to the code ...
[Bug 43227] FILEOPEN: UI to set workgroup (system DB) for opening MS Access (.mdb) files
[Bug 43369] Specific UI for collecting PostgreSQL connection settings
[Bug 45615] Implement additional 3d slideshow transitions
[Bug 45617] Make Impress Master Slides copyable
[Bug 45789] automatic row height in reports
[Bug 46037] Clean up uses of comphelper/configurationhelper.hxx
[Bug 46259] rewrite mysql connector to use mariadb client library
[Bug 46583] borders tabpage UI doesn't display border properties nicely when lines are different
[Bug 47065] Notification about document closure for locked readonly opened document
[Bug 49602] Remove deprecated OSL Profile functionality
[Bug 49885] sync custom breakiterator rules with icu originals
[Bug 51779] support for SQL datatype INTERVAL
[Bug 56903] Moz-free Outlook Address Book driver
[Bug 60696] Edit-Links - cleanup and make it work for movies ...
[Bug 60909] Out of space warning ...
[Bug 61313] CONDITIONAL FORMATTING: Icon set should have a color reverse switch
[Bug 62079] Hidden Items Menu
[Bug 62248] REPORTBUILDER: multiple groupings on same field broken
[Bug 62525] Convert manual refcounting / copy-on-write implementations to cow_wrapper
[Bug 63436] Support for ODF fields as written by KWord
[Bug 67208] Horizontal rules in old documents are broken: only links in the files
[Bug 67274] Gallery: Do not link inserted images
[Bug 67302] TablesSupplier name clash when dots in schema/table name
[Bug 67664] query wizard in need of love
[Bug 68675] ODBC: support arbitrarily-sized bookmarks
[Bug 68676] ODBC: optionally use W variants of ODBC calls
[Bug 70526] Provide startup time measurements
[Bug 75273] Other: Prevent users from installing known broken extensions in LO
[Bug 77125] Please make the shape of rounded rectangle callout customizable
[Bug 82319] use modern OpenGL for OpenGL canvas
[Bug 84097] Windows: Unit test & extend native calling
[Bug 84362] vcl / timers unit test ...
[Bug 87813] SIDEBAR: Incorporating the effects list into the animation tab
[Bug 88601] LO BASE: Failure to correctly interpret range for UNSIGNED integers from MySQL database (jdbc and native connectors) [summary in comment 9]
[Bug 88695] RowSet and its clones share a cache: can lead to cache trashing
[Bug 89387] improve performance for some matrix operations
[Bug 89860] Ability to print from Android ...
[Bug 90339] Make gengal not be based the Application class
[Bug 90517] Push WinBits constants down into subclasses
[Bug 90730] support overlay/no-overlay for chart title and legend
[Bug 91831] sharing gcc / UNO bridges code ...
[Bug 92018] Implement caching for native widget rendering for Mac / OpenGL rendering
[Bug 92382] [OSINTEGRATION] Command? should open help
[Bug 92755] Avoid temporary XML files in winreg configmgr backend
[Bug 93121] FILESAVE: Docx / Doc / RTF export of two footnote paragraphs adds a tab before the second one
[Bug 93488] Implement password protection for VBA export
[Bug 93727] Date Literal should be supported
[Bug 95174] SQL parser doesn't support catalog&schema in function name
[Bug 95405] Sidebar deck for find/search and replace
[Bug 96563] Display embedded graphics via system viewer optionally
[Bug 97102] Re-work copy/paste 'orrible extensions dialog code...
[Bug 97975] OpenGL: theme / widget cache ...
[Bug 97977] FILEOPEN: XSLX - MODE results in wrong calculation
[Bug 98749] Move hardcoded/duplicated PageDesc defaults from UNO wrappers to writer core
[Bug 104154] Add detailed list view to template manager
[Bug 105813] VBA Macro assignment to control not saved to XLS
[Bug 105965] UI request to synchronize 'File > Print' and 'File > 'Export as PDF' default behavior
[Bug 108477] Multiple use of Direct Cursor creates only one undo action
[Bug 115527] Redesign of the keyboard tab of the Customization dialog
[Bug 56676] EDITING: Tables in databases based on calc are unwriteable - Form Properties show them as writable
[Bug 58989] Transfer Localization info to EXTENSIONSWEBSITE
[Bug 60414] VIEWING: Responsive layout
[Bug 60700] de-cruftify ODF files ...
[Bug 114523] Make inline tooltip for track changes optional

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