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Easy Hacks requiring Infra Skills

These lists contain the bugs with Keyword "skillInfra".

Task #2399 (New): User "Check for Updates" support: check.php script needs 5.3.7 and 5.4.3 entries.
Task #2184 (Resolved): add SunOs / illumos based OS to the version picker
Task #2097 (New): libreoffice.org banner improvements
Task #2090 (New): gerrit: anonymous VCS URI scheme should be https:// not the insecure git://
Task #2086 (New): add rsponsive-images module to silverstripe? (provide different resolutions/dif...
Task #1733 (New): Publish helpcontent patches in #libreoffce-doc #libreoffice-NLP IRC, in documen...
Task #1626 (New): Import flag templates from enwp
Feature #1555 (New): TDF Site: Enhancement request: Make checksums of daily builds available
Feature #1553 (New): get-help/installation: Instructions need update to modern versions of LibreO...
Feature #1552 (New): Please could we have a download counter to see the rise of LibreOffice
Feature #1551 (New): redirect blogs.libreoffice.org to planet.documentfoundation.org and adjust t...
Feature #1550 (New): Add mechanism to simplify event/holiday-based branding of the main website
Bug #1549 (New): gerrit "patch submitted" mail: please quote pull command-line with anonymous git...
Feature #1548 (New): Improve visibility of torrent download vs regular download
Feature #1547 (New): Link from cgit to opengrok

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