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Easy Hacks requiring Python Skills

These lists contain the bugs with Keyword "skillPython".

Skill Level: Beginner

This list contains the bugs with Keyword "difficultyBeginner" and "skillPython".

[Bug 64900] Write a PyUNO tutorial/walktrough
[Bug 91197] Integrate gbuild-to-ide and xcodeproj gem for Xcode project generation
[Bug 97361] Make unittests more pythonic
[Bug 97362] Convert Java complex tests to Python
[Bug 97447] make the ServiceDocumenter singleton available as a global in Python and StarBasic
[Bug 97448] Create a helper to generate an AddOns.xcu for an extension
[Bug 107501] Convert manual tests to automated UI tests

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Skill Level: Interesting

This list contains the bugs with Keyword "difficultyInteresting" and "skillPython".

[Bug 106894] Rewrite packimages.pl in Python

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Easy Hacks for Python-based web applications

Crash reporting server (Django)