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This page provides a list of all Easy Hacks sorted by difficulty level.

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List of Easy Hacks by Difficulty

These lists contain the bugs with Keyword "easyHack" and bug status "NEW", "ASSIGNED" or "REOPENED".

Easy Hacks for Beginners

This list contains the bugs with Keyword "difficultyBeginner".

[Bug 38844] Reduce XOR rendering
[Bug 39468] translate German comments, removing redundant ones
[Bug 39593] copy/paste code detector / fixing
[Bug 39596] use the CLang++ static analyser to find bugs
[Bug 39625] make sal/qa/systools/test_comtools.cxx work (Windows only) ....
[Bug 39674] find / fix all German spellings in internal APIs
[Bug 39749] calc unit test writing
[Bug 40469] Modifed Frame Style Options Not Preserved, "Keep Ratio" Option Unavailable
[Bug 42982] improve UNO API error reporting
[Bug 44580] share autocorrect replacement table for misc. language subgroups
[Bug 45735] Automatic check at start-up whether LO is default program for ODF-file formats
[Bug 45904] move java based api tests to c++
[Bug 46892] Provide stacktraces for crashes
[Bug 47320] DrMemory windows warning cleanup ...
[Bug 47653] Create VirtualBox image to generate stacktraces for crashes
[Bug 47667] Create chart test documents
[Bug 48140] Remove uno calls from xlsx import
[Bug 51357] SVG: Add support for more shape transition effects to svg documents exported by Impress
[Bug 53534] shlxthdl_x64.dll/shlxthdl.dll cannot handle Flat ODF
[Bug 53675] Run, test and torture Daily Builds
[Bug 53676] Link bugs from different bug trackers
[Bug 54938] Adapt supportsService implementations to cppu::supportsService
[Bug 55324] Too many preprocessors (cpp)
[Bug 55410] automatically fill in the default user's name into tools->options->user data
[Bug 64911] Check strict version of bundled libs when building against external copies in ./configure
[Bug 65209] FILEOPEN: MS Word document properties creation times etc. time zones not preserved/displayed
[Bug 66754] Remove own implementations of various Perl functions in installer
[Bug 67465] EPS rendering: locating pstoedit on Mac a problem
[Bug 67832] upgrade our jfreereport libraries
[Bug 70448] Write more unittests for regression hotspots
[Bug 70625] Add --cat parameter to make git diffs pretty
[Bug 70667] Notify libreoffice user list of API changes and motivate user to test extensions on dailies/beta
[Bug 71043] Use STACK lint tool to clean code ...
[Bug 73993] Summarize additional information in comments
[Bug 74424] Start to decouple Window from OutputDevice
[Bug 74702] Remove enum OutDevType from OutputDevice
[Bug 75280] Convert inappropriate use of sal_uIntPtr to better integer types
[Bug 77546] QA: Create introductory video
[Bug 80798] cleanup debug methods
[Bug 80907] avoid unnecessary allocations in OpenXML import filter
[Bug 82579] get rid of premac.h / postmac.h wrapper headers
[Bug 82580] get rid of prewin.h / postwin.h wrapper headers
[Bug 84098] kill copy+paste in VBA tests ...
[Bug 84323] sal - add sane sleep interface: cleanup osl_waitThread
[Bug 84479] Bibisect Log Should Include Gerrit Link
[Bug 84553] Detect and warn of Windows Antivirus in configure ...
[Bug 86190] use GLM library instead of basegfx
[Bug 86249] clean VirtualDevice constructor ...
[Bug 86941] add more conditional formatting unit tests
[Bug 87605] update technical dictionary
[Bug 87892] More shapes for LibreOffice draw are needed
[Bug 88116] OS X: reduce cut/paste coding
[Bug 88138] ICU libs should be checked using pkg-config/.pc instead of icu-config
[Bug 88205] Adapt uses of css::uno::Sequence to use initializer_list ctor
[Bug 88815] simplify service declarations
[Bug 88822] APK needs helpful ChromeOS settings ...
[Bug 89879] Summarize regression stats/overview for the final release of a major series by component
[Bug 90341] Clean up excessive const_cast'ing
[Bug 90834] Turn in-line version control history comments into meaningful good comments
[Bug 91197] Integrate gbuild-to-ide and xcodeproj gem for Xcode project generation
[Bug 91222] VclBuilder constructor cleanup ...
[Bug 91367] replace ApiTokenSequence and UNO formulas in OOXML calc import
[Bug 91387] create doxygen docs for the LibreOffice build system from inline comments
[Bug 91480] allow to build shared libraries in bundled projects on Windows
[Bug 92529] config written during startup ...
[Bug 92893] replace UNO in table import
[Bug 95845] Use CommandInfoProvider to receive UNO command labels/tooltips
[Bug 96099] Reduce number of typedefs used for trivial container types
[Bug 96505] Get rid of cargo cult "long" integer literals
[Bug 97046] ensure build system variables start with gb_ unless there are very, very good reasons not to
[Bug 97087] Timers and idles should have programmer comprehensible, unique names
[Bug 97228] Split up include files in include/vcl where possible into separate public and internal parts
[Bug 97356] implement fallback export of Math object in PPTX
[Bug 97361] Make unittests more pythonic
[Bug 97362] Convert Java complex tests to Python
[Bug 97447] make the ServiceDocumenter singleton available as a global in Python and StarBasic
[Bug 97448] Create a helper to generate an AddOns.xcu for an extension
[Bug 97667] add xml dump methods for calc pool items
[Bug 97748] unit-test to check graphics ...
[Bug 98705] Reduce starting time on Windows by removing GetCaseCorrectPathName usage
[Bug 99891] Update installer fonts to match newer versions of Windows
[Bug 100726] Improve readability of OUString/OString concatenations
[Bug 107501] Convert manual tests to automated UI tests
[Bug 107792] Introduce reference counting for GDI handles
[Bug 108523] Remove @author annotations from source code
[Bug 112010] Split sw ooxmlexport tests to meaningfull parts
[Bug 112382] Context menu: Rename "Fields" to "Edit Field"
[Bug 115357] Enhancement request: Set Start Menu folder under Windows to \LibreOffice\
[Bug 115453] Confusion on the Impress Views Tab Bar: UI
[Bug 115872] Introduce formatted dummy text
[Bug 114441] Convert use of sal_uLong to better integer types
[Bug 62014] gdb hooks should be not be group-writeable
[Bug 70373] Identify unused source files
[Bug 79650] Determine if Bugs are Inherited From OpenOffice
[Bug 87995] settings : missing a checkbox in order to avoid thumbnail saving
[Bug 88796] Enhancement - Mysql native connector extension - add automatic reconnect to server capability in connector code after idle timeout
[Bug 106375] "Center Horizontally" should be "Align Center" in Formatting toolbar
[Bug 108556] Start center welcome text should respect window width
[Bug 54169] LibO doesn’t obey OS setting “only show the accelerator underline when the Alt key is being pressed”
[Bug 64900] Write a PyUNO tutorial/walktrough
[Bug 108865] Add to window "About LibreOffice" text about open and free distribute any numbers of copies of LibreOffice
[Bug 112897] [UI] Help button should be on the left of dialog (ii)
[Bug 38835] strip out non-trivial globals before main
[Bug 102076] Excel XLSM import: VBA compatibility mode insufficient: "EVALUATE" not supported
[Bug 92965] support some of the optional css::drawing::FillProperties properties in chart2
[Bug 113853] Traveling with tab in Options -> Aplication colors behaves weird
[Bug 113789] ActiveX button's icon is not saved back to DOCX file
[Bug 112689] Replace chained O(U)StringBuffer::append() with operator+
[Bug 113415] Customizable "Get Help Online" and "Send Feedback" links in Help menu
[Bug 97706] CLEAN is neither ODF nor OOXML conform
[Bug 76274] Files with XLT extension are not added to Recent documents
[Bug 111789] TextBox shadow propeties are not saved to PPTX
[Bug 97080] FILEOPEN: Need broader filter for delimited text files ("Text CSV" only includes *.csv)

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More Interesting Easy Hacks

This list contains the bugs with Keyword "difficultyInteresting".

[Bug 55066] FILEOPEN: flaws in importing 123 files
[Bug 101220] Fonts subset into PDF are not being used to render PDF to canvas, receive questionable fallback replacement
[Bug 32419] When inserted on Writer, get "Base size" for formulas from underlying paragraph
[Bug 32506] Find & Replace for Base
[Bug 34965] Make Impress slides editable during presentation
[Bug 38809] Analyse/Improve Structure and Cache efficiency with DHAT/valgrind
[Bug 38812] PackageKit / Help integration
[Bug 38885] Remove CreateTextFromNode methods
[Bug 38889] Make macro editing easier
[Bug 38890] Remove hard-coded project URLs
[Bug 42075] Add a scan-button to the "select scanner"-dialog
[Bug 42949] accelerating compile times by removing unnecessary header #include
[Bug 43059] apply sixgill static analyser to the code ...
[Bug 43227] FILEOPEN: UI to set workgroup (system DB) for opening MS Access (.mdb) files
[Bug 43369] Specific UI for collecting PostgreSQL connection settings
[Bug 45615] Implement additional 3d slideshow transitions
[Bug 45617] Make Impress Master Slides copyable
[Bug 45789] automatic row height in reports
[Bug 46037] Clean up uses of comphelper/configurationhelper.hxx
[Bug 46259] rewrite mysql connector to use mariadb client library
[Bug 46583] borders tabpage UI doesn't display border properties nicely when lines are different
[Bug 47065] Notification about document closure for locked readonly opened document
[Bug 49602] Remove deprecated OSL Profile functionality
[Bug 49885] sync custom breakiterator rules with icu originals
[Bug 50050] Make LE (Link End) Index/Table Entry component character style match LS (Link Start) by default
[Bug 51779] support for SQL datatype INTERVAL
[Bug 56903] Moz-free Outlook Address Book driver
[Bug 60696] Edit-Links - cleanup and make it work for movies ...
[Bug 60909] Out of space warning ...
[Bug 61313] CONDITIONAL FORMATTING: Icon set should have a color reverse switch
[Bug 62079] Hidden Items Menu
[Bug 62248] REPORTBUILDER: multiple groupings on same field broken
[Bug 62525] Convert manual refcounting / copy-on-write implementations to cow_wrapper
[Bug 63436] Support for ODF fields as written by KWord
[Bug 67208] Horizontal rules in old documents are broken: only links in the files
[Bug 67274] Gallery: Do not link inserted images
[Bug 67302] TablesSupplier name clash when dots in schema/table name
[Bug 67664] query wizard in need of love
[Bug 67741] EDITING: Date entry with numeric keypad
[Bug 68675] ODBC: support arbitrarily-sized bookmarks
[Bug 68676] ODBC: optionally use W variants of ODBC calls
[Bug 70526] Provide startup time measurements
[Bug 75273] Other: Prevent users from installing known broken extensions in LO
[Bug 77125] Please make the shape of rounded rectangle callout customizable
[Bug 82319] use modern OpenGL for OpenGL canvas
[Bug 84097] Windows: Unit test & extend native calling
[Bug 84362] vcl / timers unit test ...
[Bug 87714] CONTEXT MENU: Better integration with image editing apps
[Bug 87813] SIDEBAR: Incorporating the effects list into the animation tab
[Bug 88296] Show Caps Lock status in LibreOffice UI
[Bug 88601] LO BASE: Failure to correctly interpret range for UNSIGNED integers from MySQL database (jdbc and native connectors) [summary in comment 9]
[Bug 88695] RowSet and its clones share a cache: can lead to cache trashing
[Bug 89387] improve performance for some matrix operations
[Bug 89860] Ability to print from Android ...
[Bug 90339] Make gengal not be based the Application class
[Bug 90517] Push WinBits constants down into subclasses
[Bug 90730] support overlay/no-overlay for chart title and legend
[Bug 91831] sharing gcc / UNO bridges code ...
[Bug 92018] Implement caching for native widget rendering for Mac / OpenGL rendering
[Bug 92346] Copy functionality in the viewer
[Bug 92382] [OSINTEGRATION] Command? should open help
[Bug 92755] Avoid temporary XML files in winreg configmgr backend
[Bug 93121] FILESAVE: Docx / Doc / RTF export of two footnote paragraphs adds a tab before the second one
[Bug 93488] Implement password protection for VBA export
[Bug 93727] Date Literal should be supported
[Bug 95174] SQL parser doesn't support catalog&schema in function name
[Bug 95405] Sidebar deck for find/search and replace
[Bug 96563] Display embedded graphics via system viewer optionally
[Bug 97102] Re-work copy/paste 'orrible extensions dialog code...
[Bug 97975] OpenGL: theme / widget cache ...
[Bug 97977] FILEOPEN: XSLX - MODE results in wrong calculation
[Bug 98749] Move hardcoded/duplicated PageDesc defaults from UNO wrappers to writer core
[Bug 99035] [Feature Request] "Convert text to table" lacks 'number of columns' option
[Bug 101302] Deleted files visible as recent documents in menu and start center
[Bug 104154] Add detailed list view to template manager
[Bug 104746] Enhancement Suggestion - pass selected text to Web browser search
[Bug 105813] VBA Macro assignment to control not saved to XLS
[Bug 105965] UI request to synchronize 'File > Print' and 'File > 'Export as PDF' default behavior
[Bug 108477] Multiple use of Direct Cursor creates only one undo action
[Bug 115527] Redesign of the keyboard tab of the Customization dialog
[Bug 56676] EDITING: Tables in databases based on calc are unwriteable - Form Properties show them as writable
[Bug 58989] Transfer Localization info to EXTENSIONSWEBSITE
[Bug 60414] VIEWING: Responsive layout
[Bug 42030] UI: Page Preview Bar scaling slider function unclear
[Bug 86085] TOOLBAR: 'Thousands Separator' button
[Bug 111769] Black is set as New color in Area tab when a table with multiple colors in its cells is selected
[Bug 60700] de-cruftify ODF files ...
[Bug 114523] Make inline tooltip for track changes optional

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Easy Hacks with Unknown Difficulty

This list contains the bugs without a "difficulty*" Keywords.

[Bug 71920] FORMATTING: Text is not shown behind frame set to 'Wrap Through' and with fill set to None
[Bug 35186] Headings change language when applied
[Bug 38295] Many margin comments/notes are complicated to use
[Bug 56363] Using Graphite features prevents Special Character dialog from preselecting the Graphite font
[Bug 68051] UI: Contextual dialogs steal focus when hidden/shown again
[Bug 71693] [Spellchecker] add (by default) OS X system user dictionary
[Bug 74839] EDITING: Position of connectors connected to a group aren't updated when editing group content
[Bug 77747] Latin text bullets in a list instead of Hebrew in .ppt
[Bug 85148] FILEOPEN: Firebird connect to server via new driver (feature request)
[Bug 86404] use Ctrl+TAB to switch between tabs/sheets
[Bug 87784] UNO: Add contoured wrap command that combines .uno:WrapOn and .uno:WrapContour
[Bug 88477] UI: No Different Icons for Selection Mode in Status Bar
[Bug 89747] TOOLBAR: Line width control should be changed to a combobox
[Bug 90293] Unifying shape rotation accessibility
[Bug 95329] Could the Document Properties panel report the number of comments, please?
[Bug 96278] Make all file types visible in file save dialog
[Bug 98301] Context menu "Save Image..." call of uno.saveGraphic is unclear that no conversion of image is provided
[Bug 100560] Custom gallery theme order
[Bug 100719] HELPWIKI span, div, ol and ul tags needs to be "nowikied"
[Bug 101965] Sidebar: List Styles: No entry or option to unset/clear a style
[Bug 102011] EDITING: Default wrap spacing to for images is not convenient
[Bug 103156] Some AutoCorrect Replacements for German (Switzerland, Liechtenstein) are Wrong
[Bug 104825] UI: field for SMTP server port number is spin button
[Bug 104888] "Ctrl + Shift + Enter" hotkey after "F2" on the cell that I carelessly forgot to hold "Ctrl + Shift" when I entered matrix related formula should...
[Bug 106196] EDITING Impress doesn't recognize shortcuts for bulleted lists
[Bug 106229] New icon for infobar type success needed
[Bug 106551] Means to rename stored custom colors
[Bug 109124] Change fields in Address Data/Book Source to be the same as in Mail Merge Wizard
[Bug 109384] FORMATTING: maximum font size blocked to 999,9
[Bug 114660] COUNTIFS FUNCTION requires a reference to the inclusion of regular expressions in formulas
[Bug 115442] maximum number of consecutive hyphens not working
[Bug 67007] UI: Name Box does not show a name in sheet scope when selecting a range
[Bug 87638] Slide Pane should be titled 'Master Slides' when in master view
[Bug 94177] Additional multi-extension filetype entries in the file open dialog
[Bug 108751] Show currently selected color name in color button tooltip
[Bug 114622] add static list of available Native Numbering entries, for example Persian / Arabic-Indic / Hindi numbers

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