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Welcome to LibreOffice Google Summer of Code 2013!


Some of the 2013-specific information is still on the Development/GSoC page. Please go there for details not found here!

Important dates for GSoC 2013

See the timeline on GSoC FAQ. In short:

  • March 29th - last day to submit LibreOffice application for GSoC 2013
  • May 3rd - student application deadline
  • May 24th - all students must be coupled with a mentor
  • May 27th - list of accepted students is published
  • June 17th - the coding start
  • Aug 2nd - the mid term evaluation date
  • Sept 23rd - pencils down
  • Oct 1st - final results are announced

Accepted Students

Student Title Mentor Who presents in Milan?
Andrzej Hunt Implement Firebird SQL connector for LibreOffice Base Fridrich Strba, Michael Meeks Michael
Artur Dryomov Improved Android / Impress Remote Control Muthu Subramanian, Michael Meeks Michael
Cuong Cao Ngo Extend support for Document Management Systems Miklos Vajna, Cédric Bosdonnat Miklos
Efe Gürkan YALAMAN Implementing an about:config functionality Thorsten Behrens, Katarina Behrens Efe Gürkan
Ivan Nicolae-Alexandru Implementing Proper Table Styles in Writer Michael Stahl, Maxime de Roucy, Cédric Bosdonnat Alex
Krisztian Pinter Use Widget Layout for the Start Center Jan Holesovsky Krisztian
LIU Siqi Impress Remote Control for iOS Tor Lillqvist Siqi
Minh Ngo VLC integration into LibreOffice Michael Meeks Michael
Prashant Pandey Improve toolbars in LibreOffice Jan Holesovsky, Mirek2 Prashant
she91 Adding alterating row coloring to database ranges and supporting new structured reference syntax Markus Mohrhard, Kohei Yoshida ?
Gergő Mocsi (stalker08) Code completion in the Basic IDE Noel Power, Andras Timar Andras
Vishv Brahmbhatt Slide Layout Extendibility Thorsten Behrens, Muthu Subramanian Vishv
Zolnai Tamás Writer: Border around characters Cédric Bosdonnat, Miklos Vajna Tamás