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Welcome to LibreOffice Google Summer of Code 2015!


Want to apply for the LibreOffice project in 2015? Read the #Important dates and #How to apply sections below!

Important dates

See the timeline on GSoC FAQ. In short:

  • February 20th - last day to submit LibreOffice application as an organisation for GSoC 2015
  • March 27st - student application deadline
  • April 24th - all students must be coupled with a mentor
  • April 27st - list of accepted students is published
  • May 25th - the coding start
  • July 3rd - the mid term evaluation deadline
  • August 22nd - pencils down
  • August 31st - final results are announced

How to apply

First you should have a look at the Google Summer of Code FAQ and GSoC Student Guide. We will require the following points in any application:

  • Prove that you want to get involved into LibreOffice. In order to check this we will require students to complete one of the Easy programming tasks on the Easy Hacks page (or part of one if that EasyHack is a selection of separate tasks), though the dead-line for this isn't hard but needs to be somewhere before the end of the selection process. This means that each student who wants to have chances to be picked for a LibreOffice project will need to build the whole application, fix a bug and submit the patch to the development mailing list. See the Development page for more infos on this.
  • Explain what you want to achieve. Provide detailed informations on the project you want to work on and the use cases. The more precise your description is, the more it will show us that you investigated the area and though about it properly before submitting. The best is to base your project on one of our Ideas that come complete with friendly mentors to help you. You may have some nice project ideas, but make sure that someone will be able to mentor your project and knows that part of the code well enough.
  • How do you plan to achieve it?. Provide us the following:
    • An estimated schedule for the summer (including any potential conflicts you could have like courses, exams...)
    • Technical details on how you want to implement it. The more sensible details you provide the easier it will be for us to check that you understood the problem and difficulty
  • Why should we choose you?. Give us all the reasons for choosing you. Any past open source hacking is interesting us as well as your hacking and socializing skills.

Handy Tips

There's some useful information for Students and for Mentors here:

Accepted Students

Title Student Mentor Who presents at Annual Conference?
Cleanup internal drawing units in Calc Krisztian Pinter Jan Holesovsky, Markus Mohrhard -
Dynamic Text Chaining and Hyphenation in Draw Matteo Campanelli (IRC: matteocam) Fridrich Strba, Thorsten Behrens -
Finishing integration of Firebird backend Popa Adrian Marius (IRC: mariuz) Lionel Elie Mamane -
Haskell UNO Language Binding Jorge Mendes Michael Stahl, Stephan Bergmann -
Implement Apple Numbers import filter Anurag Kanungo David Tardon, Fridrich Strba -
Improve user experience with CMIS Szymon Klos Jan Holesovsky, Cedric Bosdonnat -
Improving Automated Error Checking Benjamin Ni Markus Mohrhard, Katarina Behrens -
Integrate gtktiledviewer into GNOME-Documents Pranav Kant Miklos Vajna, Michael Meeks -
More and Better Tests Varun Dhall Michael Stahl, Bjoern Michaelsen -
Reuse Mozilla's rolling update mechanism for LibreOffice Nathan Yee Jan Holesovsky, Jacobo Aragunde Pérez -
Review of the sidebar & its functionality Rishabh Kumar Katarina Behrens, Yousuf Philips -
Rework the Expert Configuration dialog Mihály Palenik (IRC:freetank) Caolán McNamara -