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This page is about hacking on the git-review plugin itself, for usage of the git review command with gerrit please see Development/GitReview.

Hacking git-review

How to patch:

Register here:, file license agreement, and push your changes upstream, i. e.:

How to file a bug/feature request:

create account on launchpad and file your requests:

Installation (development)

(If you need some feature that is not yet in a released version.)

Prerequisites: python-setuptools is installed on your machine

cd git-review

sudo python develop

#or: python develop --user
Note in that case you need /home/dos/.local/bin in your PATH


Review and write a message in your favorite editor -- pending [1]

# download a change into new local branch
git review -d 4711
# look around
# create a review message in your editor, review with neutral, +1 or -1 outcome and remove the local branch
git review --approve+1 --finish 4711