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This page provides an overview of Impress development. Check out Work Areas for activities to join, check out Work Queues if you want to jump right in fixing bugs or problems.

Work areas


Places that have recent activity in Impress. See also the feature page for more detailed recent work. If you start working on something new and exciting, please do add a reference here.

Impress Android Remote


HowTo Add a new Dialog to Impress

Development/Create new dialog in Impress

PPTX support

Recent git activity around pptx: [1]

Improve handles of DrawingML shapes Development/Improve handles of DrawingML shapes

Remarks on Fontwork and TextWarp Development/Remarks on Fontwork and TextWarp

SVG support

Last year's GSoC had a project enhancing our SVG export with animation support. Here's a blog post about it, and some example files created with that feature.

Work Queues


If you want to work on Impress stuff, here's places to start looking. Compared to Work Areas, this is for jumping straight in, and usually bite-sized stuff. Fixing bugs from the most annoying section will get you happy users; fixing stuff from the EasyHacks sections will get your feet wet with Impress hacking, and/or help offloading core developers to do nastier stuff.

Draw/Impress bugs

  • Current queue of most annoying Draw/Impress bugs: [2]
  • All open Draw/Impress bugs: [3]

Current queue of Impress EasyHacks

Difficulty Beginner

This list contains the bugs with the keyword difficultyBeginner.

open this list in bugzilla

Difficulty Medium

This list contains the bugs with the keyword difficultyMedium.

open this list in bugzilla

Difficulty Interesting

This list contains the bugs with the keyword difficultyInteresting.

open this list in bugzilla