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This is the documentation of our crash reporter service. The main focus is on the server side and the necessary maintenance tools.

The server side

Most of the following tools require either admin access in the admin interface or ssh access to the server.

Creating a new version

A new version can be created in the admin interface. The featured flag determines whether the version is shown in the chart. By editing an existing version it can also be made featured and therefore shown on the main page inside of the chart after the version object has been created.

Symbols for system libraries

The symbols for the system libraries need to be generated from time to time locally. For this the list with all missing symbols can be downloaded from the server. The file can be used as input into one of the helper tools for downloading microsoft symbol information. The generated zip file needs to be uploaded again with the upload script inside of the LibreOffice source code. Don't forget the --system command line flag for the upload script.

Bugzilla integration

The bugzilla integration is done by two scripts that are called from a cron job. The first script collects the information from the bugzilla instance about crash reports and updates the database. The second script updates the bug status and marks closed bugs as fixed in the database.

As both services interact with the server through the http part they are sensitive to misconfigured host entries in the nginx configuration.