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For now, see the system Help files.

Function name:



Statistical Analysis


Returns the beta function.


BETA.DIST(Number; Alpha; Beta; Cumulative; Start; End)



Number (required) is the value between Start and End at which to evaluate the function.

Alpha (required) is a parameter to the distribution.

Beta (required) is a parameter to the distribution.

Cumulative (required) can be 0 or False to calculate the probability density function. It can be any other value or True to calculate the cumulative distribution function.

Start (optional) is the lower bound for Number.

End (optional) is the upper bound for Number.

In the LibreOffice Calc functions, parameters marked as "optional" can be left out only when no parameter follows. For example, in a function with four parameters, where the last two parameters are marked as "optional", you can leave out parameter 4 or parameters 3 and 4, but you cannot leave out parameter 3 alone.

Additional details:


=BETA.DIST(2;8;10;1;1;3) returns the value 0.6854706

=BETA.DIST(2;8;10;0;1;3) returns the value 1.4837646

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