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Function name:



Statistical Analysis


Returns the probability value from the indicated Chi square that a hypothesis is confirmed.


CHIDIST(Number; DegreesFreedom)



Number is the chi-square value of the random sample used to determine the error probability.

DegreesFreedom are the degrees of freedom of the experiment.

Additional details:

CHIDIST compares the Chi square value to be given for a random sample that is calculated from the sum of (observed value-expected value)^2/expected value for all values with the theoretical Chi square distribution and determines from this the probability of error for the hypothesis to be tested.

The probability determined by CHIDIST can also be determined by CHITEST.


=CHIDIST(13.27; 5) equals 0.02.

If the Chi square value of the random sample is 13.27 and if the experiment has 5 degrees of freedom, then the hypothesis is assured with a probability of error of 2%.

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