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Function name:



Statistical Analysis


Returns the correlation coefficient between two data sets.


CORREL(Data1; Data2)


Returns a real value which is the correlation coefficient of values in Data1 and Data2. It returns a value in range [-1,1].


Data1 is a reference to a range of cells which is considered the first data set.

Data2 is a reference to a range of cells which is considered the second data set.

  • If a cell contains text, logical values, or empty cells, then the function ignores these values.
  • If Data1 and Data2 have different number of data points then the function returns an error value.
  • If any of the arguments is empty, or if the standard deviation of their values equals zero, CORREL returns a division(#DIV/0!) error.

Additional details:

  • The formula for CORREL is:

Correl(X,Y) =

Correl new.png

where x̄ and ӯ are mean values.

  • CORREL and PEARSON functions perform the same operation.


Data1 Data2
1 195 200
2 151 180
3 148 178
4 189 165
5 183 192
6 154 144
Formula Description Returns
=CORREL(A1:A6;B1:B6) The function calculates the correlation coefficient as a measure of the linear correlation of the two data sets, Data1 and Data2. 0.46706598573232

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Section 6.18.17, part 2

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