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Returns the result of a DDE-based link. If the contents of the linked range or section changes, the returned value will also change. You must reload the spreadsheet or choose Edit > Links to see the updated links. Cross-platform links, for example from a LibreOffice installation running on a Windows machine to a document created on a Linux machine, are not allowed.


DDE("Server"; "File"; "Range"; Mode)



Server is the name of a server application. LibreOffice applications have the server name "soffice".

File is the complete file name, including path specification.

Range is the area containing the data to be evaluated.

Mode is an optional parameter that controls the method by which the DDE server converts its data into numbers.

Mode Effect
0 or missing Number format from the "Default" cell style
1 Data are always interpreted in the standard format for US English
2 Data are retrieved as text; no conversion to numbers

Additional details:


=DDE("soffice";"c:\office\document\data1.ods";"sheet1.A1") reads the contents of cell A1 in sheet1 of the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet data1.ods.

=DDE("soffice";"c:\office\document\motto.odt";"Today's motto") returns a motto in the cell containing this formula. First, you must enter a line in the motto.odt document containing the motto text and define it as the first line of a section named Today's Motto (in LibreOffice Writer under Insert > Section). If the motto is modified (and saved) in the LibreOffice Writer document, the motto is updated in all LibreOffice Calc cells in which this DDE link is defined.

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