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The function finds the sheet number of a reference. If you do not enter any parameters, the result is the sheet number of the spreadsheet containing the formula.




Returns a positive whole number ranging from 1 to 32,000 which is the number of the sheet for which a reference is passed or current sheet is considered for no Reference argument.


Reference is the reference to a cell, an area, or a sheet name string.

  • If Reference is an invalid value then the function returns an error value.

Additional details:

  • Hidden sheets are not excluded from the sheet count.
  • If no parameter is given, the result is the sheet number of the sheet containing the formula.
  • If a reference is given it is not dereferenced.
  • If the Reference encompasses more than one sheet, the result is the number of the first sheet in the range.
  • Calc's implementation of SHEET function is not strictly in accordance with ODF 1.2.


Formula Description Returns
=SHEET(Sheet2.A1) Here Sheet2 is the second sheet in the spreadsheet document. 2
=SHEET($rabbit.G15) where "rabbit" is the name of Sheet5 The function returns the number of Sheet5. 5
=SHEET(apple) where the current formula is in Sheet2 and "apple" is a named area defined in Sheet3 The function returns a name error since the name "apple" exists in the context limited to Sheet3. #NAME?

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ODF standard:

Section 6.13.31, part 2

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