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This is a planning page. Please add comments below.

Book covers

Jean Weber's

variation on Klaus-Juergen's front and back cover design:

Front cover, Getting Started (PNG)

Back cover, Getting Started (PNG)

Source file, front cover (xcf) - Getting Started only

Source file, back cover (xcf - Getting Started only

Screenshots of missing labels in iconbar for covers:
Front cover
Back cover

Chapter title pages

Coming soon.

Interior template design

Please add to the list below any items that you think should be changed from the v3.x templates to the v4.0 template. A short supporting statement would be good (that is, why do you think this should be changed).

Main goal: Simplify the template to make it easier to use and to export documents to other formats such as ePUB.

Items to do now:

  • Use built-in styles wherever possible; remove all the custom styles (the ones that start with OOo) if possible. This will help with exporting and sharing docs.
  • Define the formatting of the built-in styles to match the corresponding custom styles that are being removed. Do we want to change appearance (font, colors, whatever)?
  • Use only these list styles (NOT separate ones for start, continue, and end of list): List 1, List 2, List 3, Numbering 1, Numbering 2. Numbering 3. Makes template easier to use and helps greatly with exporting to ePUB.

Not urgent, but important:

  • Change the Tip/Note/Caution formatting to NOT be in tables, which do not export well to HTML or ePUB. For this we need to decide what we want in place of the tables that will look OK in print and in other formats. This will take some research and experimentation and can be implemented later; no need to hold up the revised template for something complicated.

Style modifications

  • The style OOo Definition has OOo Definition as the next style. I think the next style should be OOo TextBody (or TextBody when all the OOo styles are removed. Is there a reason why a definition should consist of more than one paragraph?
  • The Frame style Scenario has a blue border setting. Change this to black.