Disabling OOXML Export

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    This is a fairly easy process, made difficult by the lack of line-breaking in the configuration XML. In order to accelerate parsing, the entire configuration is a single line.

    Once you've mentally parsed that, then find your configuration; it should be in the directory

         <install path>/basis3.3/share/registry/  (Linux)  or   <install path>\basis3.3\share\registry\  (Windows)

    Now load the files - writer.xcd, calc.xcd, impress.xcd and search for:


    If this refers to a filter mentioning 2007 - eg. oor:name="Impress MS PowerPoint 2007 XML" or oor:name="MS Word 2007 XML" - simply remove 'EXPORT' from the string, and repeat this in each file for each instance, also search for "Open XML" and repeat the process - there are quite a number of hits, reflecting a number of different variants.

    Save, re-start LibreOffice (note you may need to exit the system-tray quick-starter), and re-try saving in OOXML. Notice, you cannot.