Fixing Help typos and other errors

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Help contents are in XML and most of the editions carried by editing XML text. This is not error-prone and actually typos and small corrections exists as well as linguistic issues. Thanks to translators, many errors are detected and reported.

Fixing Help content issues

However the process currently is:

  • Translator pick the typo and report to pootle admin
  • Pootle admin forward to documentation list
  • Doc coordinator pick the issue and
  1. locate pootle page
  2. identify project/application/xhp page/string
  3. edit the xhp file in his local copy
  4. compile help
  5. verify correction in local build of help, locating subject
  6. once verified, commit to local git copy
  7. submit to git/gerrit
  8. wait approval or approve himself
  • write to doc list, the issue is fixed.

Furthermore, the master help is ahead of the uploaded pootle templates, which means an issue may be reported more than once and be fixed already. This is another waste of time.

Proposed process


Let the translator/volunteer correct the issue himself


  1. install a VM for Help XML edition
  2. clone helpcontent2/
  3. install a PHP text editor (e.g. codiad or any other good text editor).
  4. control access to editor through username and password



  • Log-in to editor
  • Locate the page (ideally a link between pootle UI and the help editor)
  • edit changes
  • save
  • log-out


Daily or weekly task

  1. Check the git diff of the corrections (under shell access)
  2. commit changes to local copy
  3. submit to gerrit with his key under "l10n team" authorship
  4. report to doc list


  • No way to compile the Help, but a skilled committer can inspect diff'ed and correct or approve
  • Committer handle git issues (pull, rebase, etc..