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TDF has a new website designed to make easy for the user to find our LibreOffice Guides. We placed all guides in English in this website as well as translated guides from some other communities like pt-BR.

The new website will be directly accessible from the Help menu (Help - User guides) and will direct users to a page set by their locale.

Note pin.svg

The website was designed to hold finished guides. It is not a place for authoring or translating books. For that purpose either use ODFAuthor website or this wiki.

We also want to make the navigation as fast as possible, displaying more graphics than text, and hopefully bring the user to the right guide quickly.

Landing page for downloading English guides

Some communities have already set the entry pages (en/es/pt-BR) as well as de and fr.


This documentation website is not a place to store commercial or copyrighted contents. It was designed primarily to be a place to quickly get to TDF LibreOffice Guides in your language.

Every (lang) website editor can log in and work on the contents. The website use Silverstripe.

To create a page for TDF guides in your language

If you want to open a page for your locale, please let us know in the documentation mailing list first.

Folder structure for languages, books, formats and chapters

To organize the Guides by language, we must set a discipline for storing our files. The chosen file layout is

/Uploads/Documentation/<lang>/<guide>/ODT | PDF/<chapter>

Alternatively, if your Guide files are stored elswhere and you want to use them, you can link them to the contents.

Page Organization

The website pages are organized by locales

Silverstripe page structure
  • All locale entry pages are in the root of Silvestripe.
  • The locale page is a redirection page to the Documentation page. For example, en and en-US locales redirect to "English documentation" page. pt-BR redirects to "Documentação em português" page.
  • The documentation page is a standard page you place your landing content. Figure 1 above is the landing page for English.
  • The Guides pages are standard pages below the Documentation page of your language.
  • The "Join us!" page is an invitation to collaborate with LibreOffice.
  • Do not change the Home, LibreOffice, "Page not found" pages

Page buttons

  • The buttons displayed on the English page are placed in Uploads/Documentation/images/<lang>
  • The source SVG of the buttons are here:
SVG source for the navigation buttons