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Migration from PLONE

Objective: Migration the ODFAuthor website operated by the PLONE webservice to Nexcloud and LibreOffice online (NC+LOOL) of The Document Foundation.


  • Use an existing and internally supported instance on NextCloud together with LibreOffice Online
  • QA for LOOL: Testing the system on the fly
  • Preserve the file structure hierarchy of the existing Plone service
  • Allows to open, edit and save files remotely using "Open Remote Files" of LibreOffice (uses WEBDAV protocol)
  • Allow a local folder to synchronize with the remote folder of transparent upload/donwload
  • Allows ad-hoc edition of ODFAuthors chapters in browser, either on desktop and on other mobile devices.
  • Reduce overhead for supporting PLONE
  • Editing by multiple users at the same time
  • Eating your own dog food⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg
  • Collective translation possible
  • Getting off the historical things (like AOO and


  • Andreas make a great job. ;-) (through he still will help us with the extension/templates page!)
  • It's easier to abuse it for a private storage / spamming
  • need to be controlled regularly (administration team)
  • defining rules

Getting a login in The Document Foundation NextCloud service

Please access this page and proceed to register for a login