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Migration from PLONE

Objective: Migration the ODFAuthor website operated by the PLONE webservice to Nexcloud and LibreOffice online (NC+LOOL) of The Document Foundation.


  • Use an existing and internally supported instance on NextCloud together with LibreOffice Online
  • QA for LOOL: Testing the system on the fly
  • Preserve the file structure hierarchy of the existing Plone service
  • Allows to open, edit and save files remotely using "Open Remote Files" of LibreOffice (uses WEBDAV protocol)
  • Allow a local folder to synchronize with the remote folder of transparent upload/donwload
  • Allows ad-hoc edition of ODFAuthors chapters in browser, either on desktop and on other mobile devices.
  • Reduce overhead for supporting PLONE
  • Editing by multiple users at the same time
  • Eating your own dog food⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg
  • Collective translation possible
  • Getting off the historical things (like AOO and


  • Andreas make a great job. ;-) (through he still will help us with the extension/templates page!)
  • It's easier to abuse it for a private storage / spamming
  • need to be controlled regularly (administration team)
  • defining rules

Getting a login in The Document Foundation NextCloud service

Step one

If you are new to the LibreOffice community and want to collaborate in our documentation effort, please introduce yourself to the documentation list and tell us why you want to contribute as well as your skills in LibreOffice.

To subscribe to the documentation mailing list Discussions list for people working on LibreOffice documentation and the LibreOffice help system.

Step two

After your introduction to the documentation community through the mailing list above, it is time to get access to the Foundation's NextCloud service that stores our files. Please access this page and proceed to register for a login.

Step three

Contact documentation at libreoffice dot org to proceed with getting access to the ODFAuthor folders in Nextcloud.

Note: For the moment, the access of the source documents in NextCloud is granted on a case by case basis.

Step Four

Download the relevant files for your workplace in the old Plone site. Upload them to the LibreOffice Documentation folder in the root of your Nextcloud Files folder, respecting the language separation startegy already in place (one folder per language)

You may also use the tip explained here using the Nextcloud client in your desktop or tablet.